☆ Chantecaille Blushes ☆


For my birthday I was very lucky and received two beautiful blushes from Chantecaille. I was so worried to use them as they were so beautiful and the animals that I love. I eventually plucked up the courage to use them after getting some beautiful photos.  ☀

The blushes are so much more than makeup to me, they are so beautiful, by a brand which is cruelty free but what is even better is a percentage of the sale goes to a charity to help support the animals and help them form being endangered and becoming extinct. ☀

I loved them so much that I bought two more of them. I received the Elephant and Bee blush for my birthday then bought myself the turtle and butterfly blush. When I made my order I also bought my sister the turtle blush as I knew she loved that one too. ☀

I think that Chantecaille is amazing brand- it is expensive but the work they are doing for multiple charities is amazing and some other brands need to follow by going cruelty free and donating money to save animals as they are a huge part of our world. ☀

Let me know if you have any of these blushes.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Exhaustion / Slowing Down ☆


Recently I found myself becoming very exhausted and having to slow down. This is something I sued to hate doing. I love being busy, staying active and being as productive as I can be. But i recently found out that my body can’t keep up with my head.☀

To start with I need to ensure I at least have one day a week relaxing at home. So this is usually a Sunday for me. I try to stay in bed as long as I can- usually between 9-10am. I will wash my hair on a Sunday so I ensure I do a hair mask and a face mask to prep myself for the week. Then I will always get my lunches for the week ready and layout all my outfits for the week and hang them on my door. ☀

Then the rest of the day I will either write some blogposts, watch TV, or have a nice dinner out with friends or family. ☀

I found myself trying to schedule in 3-4 things in the day which are in all different directions and having to travel on a time limit. Then when I get home become so tired that I dont eat dinner and go straight to bed. So now I am being aware of my time and listening to myself and my body. ☀

When I become stressed my eyes become sore so I have to take drops, my eczema flares up on my body and I loose my appetite. So I am now fully aware of my triggers and sometimes it is cancelling things – such as meeting friends or going to the gym.☀

I am only starting to do this and have made a values list to find out what is important to me and I am working form their. I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions any of my followers have about relaxing/ self care and taking care of yourself.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ New Car Update ☆


At the end of March after coming back from my holiday I decided I defiantly wanted to sell my car and trade it in for another one. There were some reasons why I changed my car. Firstly I had fallen out of love with my car, I felt I had grown out of it. Also I was involved in a minor car accident which left me not feeling safe in my car. I did love my car so much and it was able to take me from place to place but I was ready for a change. ☀

After doing so much research into cars I might be interested in. I made the decision that I would like to get a Vauxhall Adam, so we looked into so many cars. I still wanted to get a Grey car as it is my favourite colour and feel black is such a common colour car, and white would be too hard to keep clean. ☀

The criteria of  the car I was looking for, left me with only a few options for cars. So after some  intensive research I decided to contact the dealer. I had put a reserve on the car and was waiting for it to be transported from up North to a dealer closer to me. Unfortunately due to lack of communication and poor customer service. I stopped proceeding with this car. I had some time to breathe and make my decision before moving forward. I then contacted the dealer of the car I was originally after as the car was no longer reserved. I travelled North Hampton the same day to look at the car and test drive the car. Then I made my decision which was to buy the car.☀

That evening I filled the car up with petrol and travelled home with my mum in my new car. We got chips on the way home to celebrate. The journey took about 2 hours back to London and by this time it was getting dark. I was so exhausted but grateful to be able to of bought my second car. That night I went to bed.☀

The next day I got up and sorted out my car with getting it cleaned, personalising it with my Tsum Tsums and putting my favourite air freshener in the car. I am still so happy with my new car. It is very sturdy, drives lovely and was just the upgrade I needed.☀

I worked extremely hard to be able to pay off my (Owl) Fiat 500C and worked extremely hard to be able to upgrade my to (Lotus) my Vauxhall Adam. Both of my cars I have bought have been second hand but I love them and use them daily.  ☀

Let me know if you own a car and what brand and model it is.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Glossier Review Update ☆


When I did my first Glossier review I said I would do an update to let you know how I got on with the products.☀

So to start with The Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. I do like this product and it works well for my sensitive, dry skin. This cleanser isn’t good to remover makeup but to clean my face in the morning, evening and after the gym it cleans my skin and doesn’t feel like it is stripping it. It leaves my skin feeling plump,  glowy and moisturised. ☀


Next is the Glossier Galaxy Green detoxifying mask. This mask is amazing and cleaning out my pores. I can use this on my skin but when I remove it, it leaves my face red for a few minutes. It doesn’t sting or irritate my skin but the redness does go quickly. I do love this product and share it with my family.☀

The other product was Glossier Moisturising Moon Mask. This mask is so good for my skin, after a tough and tiring week I leave this mask on my skin for an hour and my skin drinks up so much of the mask. My skin loves this mask and leaves it so plump and moisturised. This product is a must have for me.☀

Finally for my birthday my sister got me a Birthday Balm dot com. It is a really lovely balmy lip balm it adds shine and gloss to your lips and has micro fine glitter in. This is so beautiful and does an amazing job. It is expensive for a lipbalm but it is better value for money to buy the set and share them with friends and family.☀

I hope this update was helpful as I was sceptical in the beginning. But I have been using the jelly cleanser and the two masks since January and the Lip balm since the middle of March. I am hoping to try the Wowder powder as it seems amazing. ☀

Let me know your thoughts on Glossier as a brand and any products you have tried by them.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Peter Rabbit – Film Review ☆


I went and saw the new Peter Rabbit film and it was so good. I was meant to watch this film on my birthday but things became super busy so I went and saw it on the bank holiday weekend. ☀

The film was very good and the animations were so realistic. Also James Corden is the voice of Peter. The film is very easy to follow, filled with lots of funny moments. The film also ended in a way which may lead to film 2. ☀

Image result for peter rabbit film

Let me know if you have seen the film and what your thoughts were on it.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Skin Issues Update ☆


A little while ago I was having issues with my skin. My skin is very sensitive, dry and I also suffer from eczema. While away on holiday was confidence was knocked as I had an allergic reaction on my face and I couldn’t work out what it is was. ☀

I was taking anti histamines and my skin was still becoming sore, irritated and very aggravated. I was washing my face with just water and laying with a cold towel on my face to calm it down, but still it proceeded to become worse. I couldn’t put cream on it by the end and water and air was making my face sore. ☀

When I arrived home I realised it was the washing powder on the bedding and towels. So was able to use hydrocortisone cream 1% after having the good ahead from my GP. I used it for about a week before my skin returned to it usual self. I am still using this cream and ensuring to use products that are calming and not offensive on my skin.  ☀

The photo above is from the worst day and below is when it was back to its regular self.

Let me know if you have any good ways to help your skin when issues arise.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ A day in Paris ☆


On our one day in the city of Paris, we decided to do a little trip around the shops, the Arc de triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.☀

I was able to get to the second floor of Eiffel Tower which was a huge achievement for me. I got some pictures and saw some beautiful views, but was so happy to be back on the ground. It doesn’t look too high but when you are up there it is very high. Chloe would of loved to go to the top but that was just too unrealistic for me. I am very proud of myself for getting as high as I did. ☀

The arc de triomphe is beautiful it is in the middle of the roundabout and the roads in France are so hard to cross. The architecture is beautiful and I can see why people love  Paris because it is a beautiful city. ☀

Let me know if you have been to Paris and your favourite area / shops in Paris. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀