☆ Mental Health☆


As today is world Mental Health day I thought I would do a post on Mental Health as I have only briefly touched on the subject before.☀️

For the last 5 years I have suffered with my Mental Health and after having a really tough weekend I thought I would share some things that I find really helpful. ☀️

Try not to be too hard on yourself – easier said then done but try to have self compassion. Allow yourself time and give your body rest when needed. ☀️

Talk to people- family, friends, professionals. Bottling things up is never helpful and sometimes talking about how you feel can help and other people can support you through it. ☀️

Make a gratitude list- something I try to do everyday before bed. Writing down 3 things I am thankful for each day.☀️

Reflecting on an amount of time- writing down all you have achieved this year big or small and then also writing down what you would still like to achieve. ☀️

Get creative- do things you enjoy or once did enjoy. E.g. scrapbooking, colouring, drawing, painting. ☀️

Nature- going outside and being in nature. Helps me feel grounded. The fresh air blowing on my skin. Laying down on the grass. ☀️

Look after yourself- ensuring you are eating and drinking enough. ☀️

Self care- a huge important thing we should all be doing to help us. Self care tasks can be very unique and individual but it can include anything from having a bath, meditating, painting your nails. ☀️

Reading / TV- I love reading but I know not everyone enjoys reading so I have put tv in this category as well. Watching a film or a funny tv show to try and make you smile or have a laugh.☀️

Journaling- can be a way of getting your thoughts out of your head and seeing them physically down on paper. People sometimes use this technique if they feel like they have no one to talk to or as well as talking to someone. ☀️

Quotes / positive affirmations- Reading quotes and positive affirmations really help keep me inspired and focused. ☀️

I hope this post has been helpful with some ideas you can use when struggling. Please let me know of any other techniques you use. ☀️

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Self development ☆


To me self development is doing things which overall can help me. More recently I have been trying to fit activities in that are helpful for me. ☀️

Reading- is such a important thing for me to do, not only because I love reading but I find it helps me spend some time away from my phone and learn about new things. I have read quite a few books in the last few months including The power of now by Eckhart tolle, The things you only see when you slow down by Harmon Sunim, Self Compassion by Kristen Neff, The subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson and Exhausted to Energised by Dr Libby Weaver. ☀️

Spending more time in nature- actively going for walks or going to park. ☀️

Self care- spending time looking after myself which can include anything from taking naps when I feel I need them, going to the gym, doing a face mask, painting my nails, spending time alone or in peoples company. ☀️

Slowing down- not beating myself up when I don’t do things but also being aware that as much I like to think I can do a lot of things in a day it can have a knock on effect so checking in with myself to see if I am pushing myself too much. ☀️

Let me know any things you have been doing recently to help with your self development. ☀️

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ My Ibiza holiday ☆


My sister and I went away to Ibiza at the end of September to stay at the Ibiza rocks hotel. We booked this holiday 9 months ago and have really been looking forward to it.☀️

The main reason we wanted to go away is because Craig David does TS5 pool party’s on Tuesday and we both love Craig David so much.☀️

We had lots of fun and really enjoyed the holiday we spent most of our days at the pool but some days we did explore the local town and visit the beach, it was so peaceful and good time to relax. ☀️

I would definitely recommend the pool parties to people as they are so fun and you have such a great time. ☀️

Let me know if you have been away during the summer. ☀️

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Long time missing in action ☆


I took some time off blogging over the summer not intentionally but things happened and left me not posting. I do feel guilty as I love my blog and all my followers but felt like I needed some time off but am back now. ☀️

So what’s been happening ? Well I had a few hiccups along the way with my health but I am feeling a lot better now. I have been going to the gym but not as much as I would like but I am ensuring I give myself rest when not feeling great. ☀️

I also recently went on holiday to Ibiza for 5 days but I will do a blogpost all about my holiday. My holiday was amazing but I managed to catch a cold in the last few days so I am still recovering. ☀️

I hope you all had a nice summer and thank you for sticking with me through my break. I am going to do my best to get two new posts up a week. ☀️

Let me know if there is any topics you would like me to cover. ☀️

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ An apology ☆


Hey everyone, I am so sorry for the radio silence. I know it has been 2 weeks without a blogpost or an explanation of where I have been. I just needed some time to recharge.☀️

The weather in the England has been really hot which I love but some days to hot and just making me extremely tired. I also felt like I was putting so much pressure on myself to get content out that I had to have some time away. ☀️

I feel a lot better now and am hoping to get back to my schedule of post on Sunday’s, Wednesdays and Fridays. ☀️

Please let me know any content you might like to see in the near future. ☀️

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ New tattoo☆


I had been thinking about a new tattoo for a while back in November I was thinking about getting one done but though I would give myself more time to think it out.☀️

I had followed this lovely tattooist on Instagram for a while now and when I saw her books open I thought it was the prefect opportunity to see if I could get booked in. Unfortunately I didn’t get booked in but one day after visiting her Instagram page I saw she had some cancellations come up so I was quick to email to try and grab a spot. I managed to get an appointment and the time couldn’t come around quicker. ☀️

I was so excited. My idea for my new tattoo was to have my favourite quote “Stars can’t shine without darkness” on my ribs with some twinkle stars and a constellation. It came to the week of my tattoo and I was very excited.☀️

I travelled to Brighton and met the lovely gee. She was so lovely and kind. We did make a few adjustments to the the design but within no time I was having my tattoo done. The design was beautiful and didn’t hurt that much at all. ☀️

I was so happy and am still so happy with my newest addition. It is beautiful and is there to remind me even on my bad days there is always hope. I feel like this is my most meaningful tattoo and I love that. ☀️

I have attached links to gee’s website and Instagram below, I would 1000% recommend her as she is so lovely.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/geehawkestattoo/?hl=en

Website https://www.georginahawkestattoo.co.uk/contact

Let me know if you have got any new tattoos recently.☀️

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ Book Club Film Review ☆


Book club was a film I had seen the trailer for a few times. It looked absolutely hilarious and I was very excited to see it.☀️

One Friday my mum, my sister and I decided to go and see it at a cinema that had been recently refurbished close to our home.☀️

The tickets were a lot cheaper than our usual cinema and it was extremely clean and tidy. ☀️

We were running late to the film so bought some snacks from the cinema. We got a tango ice blast which is always our special treat when we go to the cinema.☀️

The film was extremely well written and the characters were very likeable. The film is about a group of women who meet monthly to read and discuss a book with wine. The four women have very different life’s so when they meet they enjoy having a catch up. One month they end up reading 50 shades of Grey.☀️

I would really recommend anyone to go and see this film as we had an amazing time and shared many laughs throughout the film.☀️

Let me know if you have seen the film and what your thoughts were on it. ☀️

Thank you for reading❀❀❀