☆ Product Empties ☆


I rarely get through products as it takes me a long time to use them up but towards the end for 2017, I was just finishing multiple products so I thought I would create a post to let you know what I have used up and what I will be repurchasing.☀

To start with I have used up my Burt’s Bees Crystal Lip balm in sweet orange. I got this product in late October/ early November and Love using it. This product tastes amazing but also leaves your lips feeling super moisturised. I have already repurchased and have been using this item as I love it so much. ☀

Next I have used up my Viktor and Rolf Bon Bon perfume. I got this last year and use it on a rotation with my YSL Mon Paris perfume. I love this perfume it is so sweet.  I haven’t repurchased it yet, but I will when I am at the airport before my holiday.  ☀

The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic acid. I bought this product in October and have used it everyday since. I love how it leaves my skin feeling so moisturised and plump. I am yet to repurchase this item as I am waiting for it to come back in stock online. I would 1000% recommend this product to everyone it is amazing and I have super sensitive skin. ☀

Finally is my YSL Mon Paris perfume. I finished this product late December, I had asked for a perfume on my Christmas list and this was the one I was given. I love this perfume it is amazing and smells so sweet. So I have a full sized and a small mini size which came in a Christmas set. So I am stocked up for a while now.☀


Let me know any products you have finished and if you are repurchasing them or trying something new.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Boots Haul ☆


I popped to Boots to pick up a product I had run out of and ended up coming out £20 later. I am usually really controlled but this trip I let it slide.☀


I picked up my favourite lip balm form Burt’s Bee as I had just run out of my first one. Then I also picked up some new nail polishes. I picked up a burgundy from Max Factor ( which I totally regret as the brush is so hard to use and I made a mess), A glitter pink polish fro Rimmel and then two beautiful colours from Barry M. A purpley mauve and a rose gold metal.☀

Let me know if you have made any new purchases. ☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ Fitness Update ☆


I haven’t done a fitness update in a while so I thought I would write one. I have been attending the gym for 11 months and love it. I always try to find time to attend as I describe it as “ME time”. I find the gym is an amazing place as I get to workout, let off steam, clear my head and see my friends.☀


I have found the gym such a social place as I hate wearing headphones. I have made so many friends who I love to workout with, chat or meet up outside the gym. The gym has opened my eyes to so many more things. I found a love for fitness and have a huge passion and drive.☀

I have lost weight and am able to maintain the weight I am now. I first started by working out 5/6 a week but now my life and schedule has got busier I aim to work out 4/5 a week. I love taking part in the boxing classes so I always try to do two a week and then the rest of the week I do my own things which includes using the machines, weights and then mixing up routines. ☀


I also have so many new gym clothes and trainers so I always look forward to wearing them and feeling good. ☀

Let me know if you have any fitness goals for this year.☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ Glossier review ☆


In October when Glossier first came out I was interested in the brand as everyone I followed was using it and said it was amazing. So in December just before Christmas one night  I was scrolling and managed up on their website.  Within minutes I had items in my basket and had processed my order. ☀


It took about 5 days to come and I was so excited when it arrived. I ordered the Milky Jelly cleanser, The Moisturising moon mask and the Green Galaxy pack.  I have to be extremely careful when it comes to makeup and skincare as I have dry, very sensitive and eczema prone skin.☀

The first night I tried the Green Galaxy mask which is a detoxifying mask to help remove all dirt and dead skin. I applied a even layer over my skin and then left for 20 minutes like instructed, then  I washed it off with a warm flannel. My skin was red afterwards for about 5 minutes and then it went back to it’s original colour. I found the mask did do a good job it left my skin feeling soft and smooth and I felt as if I could visibly see how clean and clear it was.☀

The second product I tried was the Milky Jelly Cleanser. I found it calming on the skin and I felt it left my skin clean. I do like this product but it is £15 for a cleanser so I will keep testing it and let you know if I think it is worth the money. I have used it about 5 times and my sister has used it once.☀

The final product I bought was the Moisturising moon mask. I tried the mask one day after going to the gym and had cleansed my face. I left it on for 20 minutes and rinsed the mask off with a warm flannel. I did feel like it left my skin feeling nice and moisturised. My sister also tried the mask and said she felt like it did leave her skin more moisturised. I bought the masks in a duo pack so it costed £30 in total.☀

In the bag they also gave me a sample of their perfume. I tried it and found it very clean and fresh like washing powder. So I passed on the sample as I love sweet scents. Also there was stickers and a card in the package too.☀


Let me know if you have tried any Glossier products and what your thoughts are on them.☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ What I got for Christmas ☆


I did this post last year and it went down well, so I thought I would do this post again this year. I am not trying to brag in anyway, I just thought i would share my gifts in my little space on the internet. ☀


To start with I was very lucky and got useful gifts. I got a new pair of Nike huaraches Ultra SE in black and reflective. I loved these trainers they are beautiful and so comfortable. I also got some new gym leggings from Fabletics I went for the black and a Graphite pair of high wasted.☀

I also got some stationary bits as I love Stationary. A lovely pencil case and two weekly planners. My sister got me some Bambi products from Boots including a makeup bag, cup, notepad and pen. I love mugs so I also got a rabbit mug from my mum.☀

Finally I got Ed Sheeran tickets to go and see him this year in June for his Divide tour.☀

Let me know what you got for Christmas.☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ Jingle bell ball ☆


Early in December I went to the Jingle Bell Ball, it was a Christmas present from someone and I really enjoyed the night. The main reason I wanted to go was to see Craig David as I love him and his music so much. I also wanted to see Sam Smith and James Arthur. ☀


The night was amazing and I would defiantly recommend people to attend the ball if a few of their favourite artists are playing as you get to see them all in one night for one price. The atmosphere was great and the artists really did well. There were a few artists I did not enjoy but I had a great night anyway.☀

I 100% want to see Sam Smith on tour now as he was amazing and his music blew me away. Craig was as awesome as ever and had a really long performance and James Arthur sang and played the guitar beautifully.☀

Let me know if you have ever been to a Jingle Bell Ball.☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ 2017 Favourites ☆


Today I thought I would do a round up of my favourites for 2017. I did a 6 monthly favourites here,  https://lunaraeblog.wordpress.com/2017/06/30/%E2%98%86-6-monthly-favourites-%E2%98%86/   Since then a lot has changed and the amount of makeup I wear has dramatically decreased. I don’t have enough time and sometimes enough energy to do my makeup. ☀

Lifestyle favourites: I love my new trainers and speaker. The trainers are the Nike Huaraches Ultra SE in Berry. They are so comfortable and I love wearing them. My next favourite is my UE Wonderboom speaker it is small but mighty. ☀

Clothes favourites: I have been loving jumpers and my favourite are my Emma Warren jumpers they are so comfy and look great. Also a trend I have been loving is pearls I have so many items with pearls on and I love them. ☀

Makeup favourites: I have been having a love/ hate relationship with makeup, but a few of my essentials have been The Ordinary foundation, Nars concealer, Becca Prismatic amethyst highlighter, Anastasia Moonjelly lip-gloss, Burt’s Bee Orange Lipblam.  ☀

Skincare Favourites: I love my Mario Badescu Seaweed face wash, I have also been loving my Face Halo to help remove and cleanse my face.☀


Places I have been and would 1000% recommend: Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe in Shoreditch, Milk Train in Covent Garden and Smash in Wimbledon.☀

Let me know what your favourite products/ experiences of the year have been.☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀