☆ Stretch Marks ☆


We all have them right? So what’s the issue. I love and have always referred to them as tiger stripes of life. They show how you have grown and have become the person you are today.☀

Well like everyone I am normal and have them moments when I think I haven’t had my children yet and I have quite a lot. Stretch marks are marks that are left when the skin has been stretched and returns to its original position. These are usually left due to us humans gaining and loosing weight.☀

I have a lot around my hips and back area. This is due to weight I have had and lost over time. We all have them and I do love them but when having a bad body day,  I think they are a flaw that I would prefer if they were less obvious.  ☀

There are solutions to help reduce them like Bio- Oil and laser therapy but most of the time I don’t have an issue but on a day when I have self doubt I struggle to deal with them. I am human like all of us and we all have our struggles whether that be wishing we were thinner, taller, have bigger or smaller boobs, bigger bum. So what I am trying to get out of this post is to spread positivity and to love your flaws and all. ☀

I hope you can all relate to this post and if you want to chat we can talk in the comments.  ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Primark Haul ☆


I popped into Primark the other week with my sister before she went on holiday just to pick up a few basics, and while I was there I saw some great pieces I had to have including finally getting my hands on the Chip Purse mug.☀


G light is from Next, Chip cup from Disney store, Chip purse from Primark and Disney tsum tsum Lumiere from Disney store.☀

I picked up a few cute cheap tops, which I can wear to the gym as I need a few more tops. I like vests for hot weather to help keep me cool, but when its a day when raining or in the evening I like to wear tops to keep a bit warm.☀


To start with I picked up this super cute chip t shirt. ☀


Next I picked this aqua vest top which was only £2.50, I love it because it says Hawaii and has super cute drawings on. This vest attracted my attention as it was aqua and had a water melon on. I knew it would be quick, easy and handy for the gym so just picked it up. ☀

I also found this top which I had seen online everywhere. It is so cute. Marie is popping out the top of the pocket and on the pocket the words read “Because I am a lady that’s why”. Super cute, soft and very comfortable. ☀


I also managed to pick up this beautiful grey top which has little pearls and crystal embellishments on the chest and shoulder area. It is very beautiful. I love pairing it with jeans as its just is a nice accent to an outfit.☀


Finally I picked up this light pink long vest top with a beautiful rose and mandala inspired print. It is sheer and light weight so great for the gym. ☀

Let me know if you have picked any new bits recently. ☀

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☆ The Liebster Award ☆


Here is an extra post today. I have been tagged to take part in this award and answer questions. So her are all the questions and answers. If you would like to take part you are more than welcome to wither write a blogpost and tag me on twitter or you can tell me some of your answers in the comments.☀

Dream career- I don’t know what dream career is I used to but now I don’t know. I would like to work for a charity as I find volunteering extremely rewarding.

When did you start blogging- I started just over a year ago on May 7th 2016. I have always tried to blog every other day and when Christmas comes around I try to do Blogmas and post everyday.


Favourite book- Jordan Bone’s My Beautiful Struggle. This book is amazing, so inspirational and tells about how Jordan who is a Beauty Blogger in a wheelchair lives life and all the challenges she has overcome.


Ultimate Dream Holiday Destination- I would love to go to Disney Land Florida. I am scared of flying and probably would find it hard to relax but I would love to go once in my life.

Favourite bloggers- I love Carly Rowena who is a fitness blogger, Jordan Bone a beauty Blogger, Victoria from InTheFrow a beauty blogger.

Favourite topic to write about- I love writing about makeup and especially cruelty free from May 2017.

Favourite store/ brand- I love New Look and Primark for clothes. I love Beauty Bay and Space NK for makeup and skincare.


Favourite food_ I love pizza but it has to be a Margarita.

Idea of perfect day off work- Go to the gym have a nice sweaty session, come home have a shower, chill and go shopping and have a nice dinner in front of the TV.

Planner or spontaneous- I am 100% a planner, sometimes it cause me more stress than help but I love being organised and being aware of time.

Goals for blogging over the next few months- I would love to create some amazing content and also grow my followers, I know its not all about numbers but I would like to reach more people.

Favourite thing about blogging- I love being able to share experiences and talk to my followers online.

Inspirations in life- I love quotes they inspire me the most, my favourite being Stars can’t shine without darkness. I also love positive role models like Jordan Bone, Katie Piper and Carly Rowena.

Favourite subject at school- I loved English and creative writing. I mean I am not the best speller, but I feel a sense of freedom writing.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be- I would love to live in Georgia in america just be say Hi I am Georgia and I live in Georgia. I know its silly but I think it would be cool.

If you were a social media platform which one- I would have to be Instagram I love it so much sharing pictures and all the love and support people have for each other. I know there is a dark side to social media coming up in a post soon, but I believe it is an amazing source to interact with.

Favourite beauty brand- I love Anastasia Beverly Hills especially Glow Kits and Lipgloss.


One thing I love my followers don’t know about me- I love boxing for fun and fitness but I am taking part in a fight for charity to raise money for Cancer research

Favourite thing to do to relax- Go to the gym.

If you could chat to anyone famous who would it be and why ? I would love to chat to Beyonce she is amazing and my Favourite artist.


Do you prefer summer or winter? I prefer Winter as you exactly how the weather will be I love the leaves falling off the trees but I also love spring for the blossom and the days being lighter.


Where would you like your blog to be in a year- I would love to have grown with followers and creating more amazing content. I also would love to get a camera because as of now I use my Iphone for everything.

Thank you fro @oliviacharlottesite for tagging me on twitter. Here are all my answers. Hope everyone is having a great day.☀

Questions I would like to ask….

What beauty treatments do you have done to your nails ?

What country do you live in ?

What’s your favourite way to style your hair ?

Do you have any pets ?

Do you want any pets ?

Favourite Makeup Brand ?

Do you drive ?

What Car do you have ?

Do you have a diary on your phone or on paper ?

Do you like Pizza ?

Favourite Disney Film ?

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Face Halo Review ☆



When Chloe and I first saw Chloe Morello had been part of making the Face Halo we knew we wanted to try it. A micro fibre circle pad that enable you to take all your makeup off with just water. So a few days after it was released they welcome custom from the UK as they were able to ship it to us.☀


We waited roughly 21 days for them to arrive.  They are 20 usd each and you get 3 pads in the packet. They are micro fibre circle pads which are double sided. When they arrived they had an extra customs charge. We emailed the company who sent a lovely email and refunded our extra custom charge. They said they are trying their hardest to get a stockist in the UK so not lots of customers have to pay shipping and tax then an additional handling fee.☀


Let talk about using the product I had 5 minute makeup on and wet the pad fully. I rub gently on my face and was amazed with the results it moved my makeup so easily with no effort and used no face-wash. Then after washing my makeup off i washed the pad with some hand soap and it left it looking brand new.☀


They recommend using the pad once before after one wash. But since I only used one side I have saved it for the next day. I love the Face Halo it i so easy to use and clean. It saves the environment from cotton wool pads wasted. Also helps to save money on face wash. ☀

I would recommend this product 100% and can’t wait to see the UK stockist they are using and also any other products the brand bring out. ☀

Let me know if you have tried this product before.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Free Prints App ☆


I saw an advert for this app on TV one night and totally forgot about it until a friend of mine told me she had used th app and loved it. So I thought I would give it a go. When you sign up you get 10 free prints and free postage. So 10 6×4 photos for free. Then after that you get 45 free prints each month and only pay for the postage. With each order you make you get rewards which are like unlocking first class delivery, a free 7×5 photo e.t.c.☀


Essentially this is an app where you can print off your photos and get them sent to your home to create albums e.t.c. This service is where you only pay for the postage sometimes its free other-times its £1.99 or £1.49 depending on how many prints you order.☀

I have printed lots of photos off with the app and even sent them to family and friends to brighten their day. This app is amazing. You don’t really think about printing photos off anymore only in the 90’s did people make albums now its all on your phone or computer. Well what happens if your phone breaks, gets stolen or you loose it. I think this app is a great idea.☀

Let me know if you have tried this app and your thoughts on it.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Georgia’s Beauty Bay picks ☆


So to continue with this series I have picked five products I would love to try off Beauty Bay. If you missed Chloe (my sisters) picks then head on over to that post.☀

Number one- Jeffree Star Princess Cut Skin Frost £25.50 I love unique and individual shades of makeup especially highlighters. I know from experience the formula is amazing but I would love to try this shade.☀

Image result for jeffree star princess cut uk

Number two- Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam £22 I have heard amazing things about this product. I love dry shampoo to help extended my hair for a day or a special event. I have fine hair so anything that promises volume I love to give a go.☀

Image result for ouai dry shampoo foam uk

Number Three- Makeup Geek Phantom Foiled Shadow £9.25 I have tried Makeup Geek products before and know the quality is excellent, but when looking online this colour looks amazing and I would love to try and have in my collection.☀

Image result for makeup geek phantom

Number four- This works Energy Bank Tinted Lip £12.75 This seems like a really lovely lip-balm with great claims that I would love to try and see if it lives up to them. ☀

Image result for this works lip balm

So I only have four products today but stay tuned for more in this series. Let me know your Beauty Bay Picks and your thoughts if you have tried any of these before.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ My Makeup Collection ☆


I am not trying to brag or show off, I just thought this would be a good blogpost to share with you all my vanity space I get ready at and also my makeup collection.☀

To start with my desk is from Tesco called Lille with the crystal handle. Next is the mirror which is from illumanted.mirrors.uk.com I love this mirror but I usually only use it with the lights off unless it is in winter time when I need the light to do my makeup. ☀


All of my prints Frames are from Ikea, On the left wall I have a poster from Beyonce’s formation tour which I attended last July.  The three prints above my vanity are from Simply Creative a New Zealand print company and the last one is customised to me. The top left print and bottom right print are from Coconut Lane in collaboration with Maddie Bruce. Finally the last two I made at home on my computer.☀

The elephants on the front of my mirror are from Turkey, The jars are hand made and personalised by my mum. The mirror circle plates are from Dulemn, and the elephant glasses are from Urban Outfitters. ☀

In my draw I have a bubbled tray insert which helps the products not slip all about. I have collected this products since 2013, I have bought all these products myself unless they have been a gift from Family or Friends. I love makeup and spend lots of my money on it. ☀


Base products: Gerard Cosmetics Slay all day spray in Peach, Too Faced Hangover Rx primer, Nars Sheer glow, The Ordinary Foundation, , Nars Soft Matte Complete Coverage Concealer, Charlotte Tilbury Powder, Laura Mercier Transculent powder, Too Faced Sweetheart Bronzer, Milani flower blush, Bobbi Brown Blush Trio, Becca Prismatic Amethyst Highlight, Anastasia Aurora glow kit, Anastasia Moonchild glow kit and Jeffree Star eclipse highlight. ☀




Eye products: Bobbi Brown Eyebrow kit in light, Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette, My Z palette containing all my makeup geek and Coloured Raine shadows, Nars eyeliner, Too Faced mascara, Nars eye-shadow primer, Bobbi Brown nude eye palette, Bobbi Brown custom palette.☀


Lip Products: Lush Bubblegum lip scrub, Anastasia Moonjelly lipgloss, Gerard cosmetics Buttercup, Gerard Cosmetics Vintage Rose, Bobbi Brown no 21 lipstick, Too Faced Melted Matte in Queen B, Lipstick Queen Prince Frog lipstick. ☀



I am still using all my products up, some of them I would repurchase and others I would try new things. I do have a wishlist but am on a spending ban at the minute. Please do keep in mind I love makeup and do share my products with my Mum and sister, I think my collection is big and sometime I am overwhelmed by what I own. So am trying to scale down my collection.☀

Let me know your staples in your collection. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀