☆ Origins Glowconuts face mask review☆


I started following Madeline Shaw this year after discovering her on instagram. When she announced she had created a coconut face mask I was intrigued. I managed to get a free sample early by signing up for the product. ☀️

The sample arrived a few days after and I applied the face mask after researching the ingredients. This is because I have very sensitive on my face so must avoid mineral oil. The product felt amazing on my face and left my skin feeling smooth and looking good. The smell of the face mask reminds me of holidays as it’s smells like coconuts. ☀️

This product is truly amazing and worth the money. It has allowed my dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin to feel and looked moisturised. I have even managed to get my sister and mum hooked on it too. ☀️

It is now part of my weekly self care Sunday and I always try to use this mask once a week to keep my skin in amazing condition. ☀️

Let me know if you have tried this product and what your thoughts are on it. ☀️

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☆ Sam Smith concert ☆


Life has been so busy I forget to post about Sam Smiths concert. Which I attended back in April. I went after work on a Friday and fell even more in love with him and his music. ☀️

The concert was at the 02 in London and it was an amazing night to remember. Sam sung lots of his songs old and new. He was a very gracious singer who kept thanking all his team, musicians and backing singers as well as the whole audience. ☀️

I first saw Sam perform at Capitals jingle bell ball in December and was so happy at how he performed I felt I had to go and see him perform again. I managed to get some tickets second hand for the London date with good seats and I was so excited. ☀️

April was a whirlwind month for me and there were days and weeks which were a struggle but to start off the month with such a epic evening it made the month better.☀️

I would 1000% recommend anyone thinking about going to see Sam perform do it. He is a wonderful performer. ☀️

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☆ Paperchase rucksack ☆


Paperchase is one of if not my favourite stationary shop. When I went into store recently to collect my order I saw this beautiful rucksack and I didn’t buy it. Then when I went home I was looking items up on the website and came across it again. ☀️

I had to go back to Paperchase to do a return with a few of my items so I decided if the rucksack was still in the shop it was a sign and I could buy it. Lucky for me the rucksack was still in the shop so I picked it up. ☀️

The rucksack is stunning and I have had so many compliments on it. I did need a different everyday bag as my handbag was getting too heavy. This bag really reminds of the style of Ted Baker but definitely doesn’t have the same price tag. ☀️

Let me know your favourite brand of rucksack. ☀️

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☆ Katie piper what’s in my head tour ☆


Katie piper has been an amazing inspiration to me. I started to read her books at a tough time of my life and they helped opened my eyes and allowed me to carry on when things in the world felt so tough. I follow her on all platforms I do have. Late last year about September time she announced she was doing a live tour. Instantly I felt like I needed to go. ☀️

I managed to book tickets for my sister and me in a local time Epsom. It was in May so it was something to look forward to. Time especially in 2018 has flown by and before I knew it was the week of tour.☀️

I managed to finish work early to go home and get ready. I just put on some makeup and then left to travel to Epsom. The drive wasn’t too bad and I was excited but a little nervous by this point. ☀️

When we arrived we collected our tickets, bought some drinks and then went to our seats. The show started on time. Katie can out dressed in a lovely blue jumpsuit. The First part of the show was Katie talking about the past and tools and techniques she has used and used to be able to carry on with life when things became tough. ☀️

We then had a break and after the break Katie turned into anxiety girl and was talking a lot about anxiety. Then finally she talked about confidence and this is the part where she wore her pyjamas. ☀️

The show was very good, I was unsure what to think but did enjoy it.y favourite part was learning new quotes. I love quotes and find them extremely helpful to read and use in my life. ☀️

My favourite quote of the night was;

You can survive 3 weeks without food, you can survive 3 days with out water, 3 minutes without air but you can’t survive without hope. ☀️

Let me know if you managed to attend any of her events. ☀️

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

☆ Trying to be an Upbeat/ positive person ☆


Today’s post is one I have wanted to write for ages. Firstly I am not saying I am always a positive person and things don’t get me down. I am human just like everyone in the world, so I do struggle to stay positive sometimes. In my life I have really struggled with low mood and feeling negative. It wasn’t until about a year something clicked for me and I wanted to put out in the world what I receive. ☀️

Firstly I like to take things back to basics and take notice of the smallest things. For example I like to notice of blossom, of how our seasons change and clouds in the sky. I try to see the positive side of everything. This sometimes can have a negative effect on me as I try to make things seem better than they are. ☀️

I also love using quotes. I find them so beneficial and inspiring. When I was in a negative headspace they helped me out of it and still to this day I love finding quotes I can relate too. ☀️

My mindset changed and since that day I have been very positive and attached many more positive people. I still unfortunately attach a few negative people who I have to deal with. Each situation is different. But reading books has been eye opening. I have included a photo of some of my favourite books, but will do another post on books on my reading list.☀️

Meditation, mindfulness and crystal. I have started to believe a lot more in spirituality and reaslied I was missing out on a lot of things due to my beliefs. I have done lots of research and now started to practice mindfulness and meditation techniques. Crystals have been something which have helped me overall and I truly believe in their healing powers. ☀️

Let me know any tips or trick you have on trying to be an upbeat and positive person. ☀️

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ A letter to my body ☆


This post has been inspired by the beautiful Carly Rowena’s blogpost a letter to my body. Link : https://www.carlyrowena.com/2018/04/a-letter-to-my-body.html ☀️

Dear body, firstly I would like to say the biggest THANK YOU ever for looking after me and letting me be who I wanted to be for the last 20 years. We have been through a lot together. ☀️

You have allowed me to grow in to the woman I am today. To start with in school I hated you, I never felt liked I fitted in or looked liked anyone else ( Heinz sight is an amazing thing, and i now understand I didn’t need to fit in I needed to be me). Then when I broke a bone in my ankle I stood out even more like a sore thumb. I didn’t look after you or care much for you.☀️

Firstly my legs I hated you for so long and then when I started working out and going to the gym regularly you were the first part of me I began to love. Even now you still amaze me by allowing me to continue what I need to do when I am exhausted. (Ie going to work and be able to continue with my day). My legs are my amazing weapon that allow me to smash a workout or just go for a nice walk. ☀️

My arms have become so much stronger and i can do things and lift weights which I never thought I would be able too. I have found boxing an amazing activity that helps my arms and strength.☀️

My stretch marks are something I have grown to love overtime they are my tiger stripes that show I a unique and how I have grown as a person in the form of my body. ☀️

I am extremely thankful for you helping and allowing me to carry on when things became very overwhelming and I was unsure of everything. I like to compare bodies to a ship, things need to work in sync to be able for the boat to stay a float. So when I neglect you of food and movement I am sorry. ☀️

Going to the gym has not only made me fall in love with my body, it changed my mindset and made me fall in love with me overall. I have made so many friends, have time to release stress but give myself time to clear my mind. ☀️

Now I know I love you and you have put up with me and all my bad habits I used to do. I am excited to see where you can take me in life and I look forward to a future where I continue to grow and look after you.☀️

Let me know what things you would write in your letter. ☀️

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ New look pumps☆


I love shoes. There I have said it. I am always attracted to new shoes and feel like a good pair of shoes can make you feel amazing. I love wearing pumps as I find them so comfortable and they make me look put together. ☀️

I ordered a pair from ASOS ( via newlook). The shoes were selling fast and the website only had my size left so I felt like that was a sign to buy them. They arrived a few days after my order. ☀️

I fell in love straight away. They are so stunning, not only are they black which means they go with most outfits they are embroidered with stars and planets. I love anything to do with stars and the moon. The shoes took a day or so to break in but are so comfortable now. ☀️

Let me know if you have a staple pair of shoes and what they are. ☀️

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀