☆ Designer Dupes ☆


Today I thought I would do a post I haven’t done before which is showing you high-street variations of designer bags. Don’t get me wrong I love designer bags, but sometimes they are expensive or you are unsure if it is a trend design. So this season the high street shops have been hot on with duping or making similar copies of expensive bags. ☀

Lets start with Zara they have been coping designers bags such as Chloe bags and Chanel. I understand £80 is still expensive for a bag but it is a lot cheaper than bags that start from hundreds and go up too thousands of pounds.☀



These three bags are very similar to the Chanel boy bags. The Burgundy and first black one has more structure like the Chanel Boy bag and the second black bag has some of the pearl detailing like newer season Chanel Bags.☀

Next we move onto a Gucci dupe bag.☀


This bag is very similar to the Gucci Marmont in the GG size. This bag has been popping up over everyone’s Instagram and this is a much cheaper dupe if you are unsure about the colours.  ☀

Finally we move onto to Chloe I am not saying these are all an exact dupe, just very similar to the Chloe bags which have the circle ring. To be fair these bags are not for me as the real Chloe bags that are available are very small and I feel like you get more ring to the bag than material. So I guess its just personal taste.   ☀


SPLIT SUEDE CROSSBODY WALLET - Available in more colours


These are some of the similar bags to the Chloe bags with the metal ring. ☀

Let me know if you liked this post and would like me to do more designer dupes of clothing and accessory items. It’s something different for me as I love makeup so much but just wanted to see how this post went down.☀

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☆ Places To Visit In London ☆


Today’s post is a little bit of a guide to London. These are places I would love to visit and hopefully will go to in the future. ☀

To start with I am a huge pizza lover so one place I would love to go to is Home-slice in Covent Garden. The pizza are huge and you can buy pizza by the slice or buy a huge one to share.☀

Image result for homeslice covent garden

Another place is in Covent Garden aswell it is a ice cream parlour called Milk Train Cafe. The ice creams are very instagramable. The ice creams can be a variety of flavours, with toppings and also Candyfloss. ☀

Image result for milk train covent garden

Another amazing place I would love to go is Lady Dinah’s cat emporium it is a cat cafe where you can eat, drink, colour, relax and be surrounded by cats which you can stroke. I love animals so am really looking forward to trying to go this summer its sounds so fun.☀

Related image

Let me know if you found this post helpful and if you have visited any of these places I would love to know your thoughts on them.☀

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☆ ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) ☆


I wrote this post a few months ago, but it was still a bit raw, so I put it off for a while and saved as a draft. Please don’t leave any negative comment as my blog is here to help share experiences and hopefully create positivity. First of all a disclaimer that my experience will not be the same as everybody’s, and I am not telling you all to go out and join this therapy course I am just hoping to share an insight and hopefully help some people out there. Also ‘Therapy’ is not a dirty word. ☀

I went on a six week course which  2 hours for six Mondays. On this course we looked at hooks. Main points that try to hold us back and how we can try to let go, not erase them just let them be there but move forward with our lives still.☀

I thought I would hate group sessions but actually they helped me the most, being able to share experiences and really connect with people was amazing and was really a turning point for me. Going to these groups opened my eyes and now most of the time I can catch the negative thought or allow it to remain but not cloud me.☀

Another key feature of ACT is distancing yourself from thoughts that are not helpful. For example if you have the thought ‘ I am useless’ try to train yourself to say ‘ I am having that thought’ or ‘ Thank you brain’. We have between 125,000 – 150,000 thoughts a day, so its not surprising somethings our brain gets things wrong. I am not saying it is going to be easy, because it won’t be but what I am saying is there’s nothing wrong with trying.☀

So I guess what I am trying to say is if you need help, just ask for it. Get support from family, friends or professionals. I struggled for a long time being ashamed, wanting to do things on my own, wasting peoples time. But You are valid and worth everything. I know the first step is always difficult and most daunting but it will be worth it.☀


Thank you to anyone who has read this, I hope this can help anyone.☀

Let me know if you have had any therapy or what you have found helpful.☀

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☆ A Life Update ☆


I have decide to write this post so I can just fill you all in on my life at the minute. I have been know for doing a blogpost every other day and have only missed a few for the time I have been doing it which is just over a year now. But unfortunately I am going to have to slow down as this month is going to be hectic for me. So I apologise for missing some posts but through out August I will be posting twice a week. On a Sunday and one day during the week. I haven’t decide yet. I love blogging and still want to continue but for the time being I have to slow down as I am being very stressed and don’t want to make myself ill. ☀

I am hoping to be able to keep up the very informative content so by reducing my posts I can worry less and have time to breathe. Thank you for the continued support it means the world to me and appreciate being able to connect with so many of you each month.☀


Also let me know if their is anything in particular you would like to see.☀

I hope you all don’t mind and let me know which days you would like a post form me in the week.☀

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☆ Why I go to the Gym ☆


Sorry for a post up later than usual. Life has been a bit hectic at the minute, amazing but hectic. I managed to get the flu so am on day 8, I have been busy at work but also volunteering. So for today’s post I thought I would go in to detail on why I like to go to the gym.☀


These are my favourite gym trainers Nike Huaraches. Unfortunately they do not look like this now as they have been beaten up with all the wear and tear I do in them. I love grey it’s my favourite colour so it was a no brainer for me to purchase these in my favourite colour. They are comfortable and I have not had any blisters or sore feet with these. The only thing I don’t like is they are a pain to squeeze your feet into.☀

Firstly I find it a very social place. I have met many friends at the gym for the 5 months I have been attending. I mean there’s smiling and being friendly with the cleaners and the clients, but I also have met some good friends. We have common interests and love working out together in the gym classes and giving each other inspiration.☀

Secondly I love the gym so much as a way to keep my mind healthy and ticking along. One of the biggest achievements I get from attending the gym is the mental benefits. Even on a bad day once I have had a workout I feel so refreshed and able to get on with my day. I go to the gym at various times of day. When I go in the morning it sets me up for the day. If I go in the afternoon I feel inspired for the rest of the day or if I go in the evening I feel as if I have conquered the day and finished on a high.☀

Thirdly I love the gym for the physical benefit. Being able to keep moving whether its doing 10 burpees, going on the cross trainer or skipping. I love how amazing I can feel when working towards a goal. I adore attending classes and my favourite are boxing classes which I religiously attend on Sundays and Mondays.☀

Let me know if you agree with me or any comments you have on attending a gym or exercising.☀

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☆ New in ☆


When changing over my bag to a less structured handbag, I was thinking about picking up a card holder so then I can only carry the cards I need and not have a purse filled with lots of rubbish. I popped into my local accessories as I was looking for a key-ring but of course I stumbled on to the card holders and fell in love with one.☀

Any guesses by now if you have been following me a long time what design it had on it? … It had small glittery moon and stars on. It was only £8 and unfortunately not on the website but I will keep my eye out for the link. It has one compartment either side and one compartment in the middle. ☀

So since changing bag I have found paying easier and quicker as I am not looking around for my purse and it is easy to spot in my bag. I love the quality and think it sums me up perfectly.☀

I keep 8 cards in the holder 3 on each side and two in the middle compartment.☀

Link to Accessorize website happy shopping or sorry for giving you any ideas on items to buy.  http://uk.accessorize.com/ ☀

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☆ Moment of Madness ☆


I love Social media and the positivity it brings in to people’s life and can even turn into jobs for people. But unfortunately I do understand the pressures of social media. I am 19 and next year turn 20 and I had a meltdown. I love the people I follow there are so positive and inspirational.☀

But all of a sudden I felt not in control. I had a meltdown as I felt so much pressure turning 20 like I had a lot more responsibilities that I do as I am not a teenager anymore and in all situations classed as an adult. ☀

Everyone I follow is getting engaged, getting married, having babies and making amazing leaps in their life to build a great future. And I felt as if I was sitting here just not accomplish anything as my perfectionist trate slipped in. ☀

I had a good chat with my mum of how I was feeling and she always reassures me of everything. I made a list of everything I have achieved at the age I am at, then I also made a list of things I would like to accomplish with in the next year.☀

I would love to have children when I am older and be in a stable relationship, but marriage is something I have always struggled with. I personally don’t won’t to get married and feel having a ring, piece of paper and promise means nothing, because if someone wants to do something they will. It’s nothing you can stop or have control over.☀

So where I am in my life I have accomplished:

11 GCSEs grade b and c

I passed my driving test

Volunteer with two amazing charities

I am a level 2 qualified hairdresser

I am £521 away from owning my car



Goals for the next year:

Pay off and upgrade my car

Visit longleat zoo

Buy a desinger pair of shoes

I understand life isn’t just about materialistic things but they are nice to have. It’s is an amazing reminder of the hard work and deformation you put in to achieve things. So I have experiences on the list to so I have memories and pictures of amazing times. ☀

Let me know your thoughts on feeling pressure from social media. ☀

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