☆ Blogmas- Last Minute Xmas Shopping ☆


Today’s post is about what I bought at the last minute for gifts for my friends and family. The shops were manic, on my days off which sometimes are weekdays and I felt very stressed. I ensured I managed to get all of my little gifts in time for the big day.☀

I ended up popping to hmv to get some gifts and vouchers and then popped to Morrison to buy some treats.☀

I did pop to Greggs to pick up a festive treat for my family which were delicious. Here is a picture in front of my tree with my gifts underneath. ☀

Let me know what you picked up in your last minute shopping dash.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Blogmas- Xmas Hot Drinks Menu ☆


I love this time of year when all the Christmas Hot Drink menu’s come out. I always adapt them as I am not a lover of coffee or tea. I like hot chocolate and green tea. I usually when visiting a coffee shop with have a green tea or if I feel in the mood have a hot chocolate with either caramel or hazelnut syrup.☀


This year when I saw Starbucks menu, I saw they had a Gingerbread latte, so I went to Starbucks with my sister where we both order a hot drink drink. I had a hot chocolate with Gingerbread syrup and my sister had a Fudge Hot Chocolate. I love the taste of the hot chocolate it had a kick of cinnamon which I love. I had a sip of my sisters hot chocolate and found it sickly but she enjoyed it. ☀


Then another week in November we went to Starbucks again where I had a hazelnut hot chocolate and Chloe had white chocolate mocha. I did enjoy the hazelnut hot chocolate and would 100% have again. My sister did enjoy her drink but does recommend to stir the drink with a little wooden stick to ensure the syrup isn’t left at the bottom.☀


Let me know if you have tried any of the Christmas Hot drinks menu and what your favourite drink is.☀

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☆ Blogmas- New Trainers and Speaker ☆


I went shopping and popped into JD Sports which is something I never do, I went into to look at the sports wear and quickly glanced over at the trainers. This was a big mistake as I saw 3 pairs I loved in the junior section. They are all by Nike and are huaraches. ☀

I couldn’t get my size in store so ordered them online and then had to exchange them as the shoe came up too big. I got the Huaraches Ultra SE in the burgundy colour in a size 3. I only wear trainers for the gym and thought it was time to upgrade as my old huaraches were looking tired and well loved. I loved the colour and the new shape so much and have since worn them to the gym every-time. They are so much lighter to do sprints in which is something I need when doing 10 sprints to help raise my heart rate.  ☀

I have my eye on the other two pairs which I am hoping to pick up before Christmas or hoping they go in the boxing day sale. I love the shoe and hardly ever buy trainers so don’t feel as guilty for treating myself.☀

When working out at home, having a shower or just at home I love using music as a motivator. So I picked this UE Wonderboom up in pink with a voucher I had. I got £10 off it so was very happy. I ordered online and did click and collect with with Waitrose for next day delivery. I was very happy with my service and use the Wonderboom most days so it is such a good investment.☀


Let me know what motivates you the most to work out.☀

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☆ Blogmas- Xmas cards and Wrapping ☆


For this year I was organised with getting my Christmas cards and wrapping paper. I love getting Christmas cards and am always mindful when buying them to ensure they are something I like. For many years I have bought Charity Christmas cards as it is so important to give back to the community. ☀

This year I picked my Christmas cards up from Waterstones and I love them so much. The cards are “Guess how much I love you” characters from the book I loved as a child. In the box you get 20 cards with four different designs. These cost £4.99. I only needed one box but I love them so much. ☀


For wrapping paper I looked online and found some amazing paper. I visited Dulemn and picked this navy paper up which has gold stars and moon’s on. If you know me you know I love everything to do with the moon and stars. It was £2 a roll for 5 meters. I love this paper because if I don’t use it all at Christmas it is suitable for all year round.☀


I also picked up a few gift bags from primark they were 90p each and have a cute gingerbread on.☀


Let me know what cards and wrapping paper you like to buy.☀

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☆ Blogmas- Xmas tree decorating ☆


We always get a real Christmas tree every year. So this year I am taking pictures of picking the tree and also decorating our Xmas tree. ☀


We visited our local garden centre on Saturday the 9th to pick our tree as a family. This year we managed to pick a tree in record time of about 10 minutes. We chose a tree that was the perfect green and a sensible height of 5 foot.  At the garden centre they also offered all customers a free hot chocolate. It tasted amazing and I even managed to burn my tongue on the contents. OOPS. ☀

We decorated the tree on Sunday the 10th while listening to Xmas songs using my UE Wonder boom which produced amazing sound. We also got the Malteaser Teaser out to get right in the festive spirit. ☀


Let me know if you get a real tree or have an artificial tree at Christmas. ☀

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☆Blogmas- Shortbread Making ☆


I visited lots of different supermarkets and decided to pick Sainsbury’s. I picked up a box set which gives you ingredients and decorations to make Reindeer shortbread’s. The box costs £2 and I think it is a good value and an amazing task to do with friends or family around the festive season.  ☀


My sister and I one Saturday decided to make the box. The instructions were easy to follow and all you need was unsalted butter. We started by mixing in all the ingredients together to create a dough. Then we rolled out the mixture and used the cutter provided to create shapes. We placed on a baking tray lined with grease-proof paper and put in the oven for 10 minutes. ☀

We allowed the cookies to cool and then decorated them with icing and the jelly beans provided. The biscuits tasted nice and looked amazing. This really got us in the spirit for Christmas. ☀


Let me know if you have picked any box sets up or if you have made any festive treats this year.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

☆ Blogmas- Designer Wishlist ☆


Today’s post is all about Designer items that are on a wishlist for my sister, her boyfriend and myself. I love having a few designer or high ends items, but this is my list if we could treat ourselves what we would like.☀

My Wishlist

  1. Gucci Sunglasses £216. These are expensive but absolutely beautiful sunglasses. I love bees and these are amazing ☀


2. Gucci Bee trainers £440. These trainers are beautiful and something I love. I think if I owned them I would never want to wear them as they are so beautiful. I have never owned a designer pair of shoes. ☀

Ace embroidered sneaker


3. Valentino Rockstuds £650. These are beautiful shoes I have always admired and one day would love to own ☀

VALENTINO Studs Buckle  11037398lg


Chloe’s Wishlist

  1.  Gucci Black Belt £320. A nice belt to wear that has gold G’s on. Belts can help to style up an outfit.☀

Leather belt with Double G buckle


2. Valentino trainers £500. Chloe loves trainers and one day would love to own a designer pair. These are black which is a wearable colour.☀

Shoes: All Women's Shoes Valentino Garavani Camouflage Rockrunner Sneakers


3. Burberry Scarf £350. This is a lovely scarf, it can help to keep you warm and also dress up an outfit. ☀

Image result for burberryhttps://uk.burberry.com/the-classic-check-cashmere-scarf-p39295221

Ali’s Wishlist

  1. Louboutions Black Louis suede trainer £625. Ali already owns a pair of Loboution and loves them a lot. He is after this pair next. ☀

Image result for christian louboutin black louis suede trainers


2. Moncler Jacket £750. Ali likes this jacket and would one day like to own it. Personally I think this is very expensive for a jacket. ☀

MONCLER MAYA - Outerwear - men


3. Louis Vuitton Men’s Kasai clutch £775. This is a wash-bag Ali would like to have. He is always travelling abroad or staying over at our house so this could be a nice addition to help him with packaging.

Men's Luxury Christmas Gift - Kasai Clutch Damier Graphite Canvas Men Men's Bags  | LOUIS VUITTON


Let me know what is on your designer wishlist.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀