☆ H and M haul ☆


On the weekend I popped to the shops with my sister we ended up in h and m . I took about 7 things into the changing room and bought 4 of them which never happens to me. ☀

H and m is a shop I haven’t been in ages but we both found so many amazing items. Most of the clothes are a size small. ☀

Items range from £13-£25☀

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☆ Film Review 50 shades freed review ☆


On the weekend I went to see the new fifty shades freed film with my sister. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think there is room for more films to be made. ☀

The storyline is very good and I would say it would make sense to watch the first two before watching the final film.☀

Christian marries Anastasia and they have a lovely wedding and go on a nice honeymoon but then their is a twist in the film. ☀

Let me know if you have seen the film. ☀

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☆ Boxing Event ☆


One of my best friends I met through going to the gym we both loved the boxing class and after a while of getting to know each other, she decided to take her passion into the ring. ☀

I attended her first boxing fight which was for charity, and then when she told me she was entering a semi professional event I was happy for her and very supportive. ☀

At the beginning of February she had her boxing match. She ended up loosing but did enjoy the match. She was very good and knew how to punch back when she had too. ☀

I love boxing as a sport and throughly enjoy attending events to support my friend. ☀

Let me know if you have Been to any boxing events.☀

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☆ Microblading Update ☆


So I thought I would give you an update since having my eyebrows micro bladed. It has just been over 6 months and I have had a few comments asking me how they have been regarding fading.☀

Firstly to start with I do not regret getting my eyebrows micro-bladed. It is expensive but so worth it to me, to wake up and not have to worry about looking put together. I have so much more confidence to go out bare faced or just to apply a little bit of mascara. ☀

My sister and I never got our touch up done due to our artist not coming back to the UK after promising she would to do touch ups to all her clients she micro bladed when in the UK. So I would say they have faded since our first appointment but they are still visible and create the illusion of thicker, fuller brows. It is unfortunate we didn’t get the full service done after paying out a lot of money but there isn’t much we can do.☀

So unfortunalty I cannot recommend our artist but I have included links further down in this post of other artists I follow on Instagram who work is amazing so I would defiantly recommend having a look on their pages to see if anyone’s work you like. ☀

These two pictures show microblading after the producer was first done and healed six months after with no touch up.☀️

I hope this helps but please leave me any questions you have, and I will do my best to answer them all. ☀

Some accounts I follow on Instagram for microblading and permanent makeup☀




Let me know if you have your eyebrows micro bladed or are thinking about it.☀

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☆ Book Review- The life changing magic of not giving a F**k ☆


I had heard about this book from many different people so finally after hearing such good reviews I decided to pick it up. I was very sceptical about reading this book but as soon as I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. I read it in about 3 days and thoroughly enjoyed it.  ☀

Image result for the life changing magic of not giving a

This book just explains thoughts in detail but also brings new ideas to the table if you feel stuck or unsure. I read this book so quickly which has now sparked the inner bookworm in me. I also have read her other two books and think they are fabulous aswell.☀

I would 1000% recommend this book and now I have lots of friends and family who are interested in reading this book. So I am putting them on waiting list. I also love having a hard copy to keep to be able to refer back to if I want too. ☀

Let me know if you have read the books and what your thoughts are on it.☀

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☆ Disney Movie Marathon ☆


My friend and I had an idea of starting a movie marathon and we started none other than with Disney movies. We are making time each month to meet to watch some Disney movies.☀

First of all we started with the old version of Snow White, then Pinocchio, after that we watched Dumbo. On our second meet up we managed to watch Bambi, Cinderella. ☀

Image result for disney

We have our next session planned in the next few weeks and I am looking forward to it.☀

Let me know what your favourite Disney movie is and why.☀

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☆ London Grace Nail bar review ☆


I love getting my nails done and always prefer to have shellac as it doesn’t weaken my nails like acrylics do. I found this nail bar online and thought I would give it a go. London Grace has many nail salon over London.☀


When I first attended the salon it was lovely and bright and the staff were lovely. I was so happy when I saw the selection of colours the shop had to offer. I went for my favourite colour on my first visit which is called ‘Field Fox’. ☀

I had my second appointment after 2 weeks and fell in love with the salon even more and the staff were so lovely. This time I went for ‘Field Fox’ with ‘Ice Bar’ over the top and I love the effect. My nails look gorgeous and I have gotten so many compliments on them.☀

I would 100% recommend this nail bar to everyone, they do late nights and weekends but I would recommend booking an appointment at least a week in advance to get the time suitable to you.☀

I visit the Putney store which is my closet store to me.☀

Let me know if you have visited London Grace before.☀

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