☆ My First Tattoo ☆


☆ My First Tattoo ☆

About two years before I turned 18, I became interested in tattoos and started to follow artists on social media. I then decided I would like to get a tattoo. I watched lots of youtube videos and researched lots of artists. I had an idea of a tattoo I would like and a reference picture which was a good start so I contacted the artist via email. We exchanged a few emails and I transferred a deposit via paypal as the studio was not local to my home. The artist was very helpful and I booked my tattoo for Thursday the 24th of march 2016 (YAY!)☀

The tattoo shop was The Interbellum in Essex, Billericay. I travelled to Essex with my mum and sister which took about three hours to get there because of the traffic and it was a bank holiday on the Friday so there was lots of commuters on the road 😦 ☀



When I arrived Abi (the tattoo artist, who’s work I had admired for months) drew the stencil and we discussed the placement.. I knew I wanted the tattoo on my foot and she advised that I have it on my ankle because anything below that would wear and rub off quiet quickly (and be in need of much more touch ups) because of shoes rubbing the area ☀

I sat on the bed and she placed the stencil on my foot and checked the placement was okay and then.. she started the tattoo! It was a very weird feeling, hard to explain really, it hurt the most when she got to the foot which is right on my ankle bone, I drank some Lucozade to keep my sugar levels high because in the past I have fainted when having my ears pierced ☀

We talked during the tattoo which allowed me to relax and forget the pain during the tattoo. Once finished she wrapped it up in cling-film and gave me a sheet of paper with instructions of how to care for my tattoo ☀


The tattoo only hurt while being done and afterwards it was fine. The pain was worth it for a beautiful piece of art that is an amazing memory of my grandad who died. We both loved elephants so it is a tribute to him ☀

I absolutely love the tattoo and am planning to get my next one booked with Abi soon. Thank you so much to Abi for doing an amazing tattoo. I would really recommended her and the shop as it has a super cool theme and was very well presented ☀

Abi Hack :
Instagram @ohabioh @abihacktattoo

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo I would recommend being 100% you want it and also be aware of the placement but get whatever makes you happy ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀


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