☆ My Driving lesson experience ☆


After my 17th birthday I started my driving lessons. I took my theory within weeks and passed . Then I continued with my driving lessons and had about 25 more hours then I took my practical test. ☀


I failed my test first time which I was quite upset about. In heinz sight I wasn’t as confident as I would of liked. I booked my practical test again for 3 weeks time and booked in a few more lessons with my driving instructor where we did practice tests.☀


I did pass my test second time with very few minors. I then used my savings and bought a second hand grey fiat 500c. I love my car but feel convertibles are very hyped up. I love having the freedom of driving and having a car which represents all the hard work I did to get it. ☀

car blank


Looking back I was very hard on myself about failing my test first time but that is because I’m a perfectionist because I struggle to give myself a break sometimes. But practice makes perfect, so try not too be to hard on yourself. Take a break and move on. ☀

IMG_3547 (2)

Thanks for reading ❀❀❀

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