☆ Tsum Tsums ☆


One day I found out about Disney tsum tsum and fell in love. I became totally obsessed with them and have now collected 15. As I have a fiat 500, I don’t have a glove box I have a shelf so I stack them in there.☀

I love them as they are so cute and add a touch of my personality to my car.I have bought them from Clinton’s and Disney store.☀

I am happy with them all and have put myself on a ban from buying anymore, unless there is a really cute limited edition one. ☀

Let me know if you love tsum tsum and what characters you have collected.☀

L to R top row- Pooh Bear, Pink Minnie, Donald the Duck, Tigger, Miss Bunny, Lady and Eeyore. L to R bottom row- Bambi, Marie, Lumpy, Minnie, Daisy, thumper, Dumbo and Piglet.


Thanks for reading.❀❀❀

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