☆ Tea Party ☆


For my Mum’s birthday I decided to set up the table like a tea party with snacks and then for dinner we had a takeaway at the table. ☀

image1 (5)

I first set up the table with a tablecloth and I put some mats down. I then put two vases on the each end of the table with flowers in that my mum got for her birthday. Next I got two fish-bowls and put some fairy-lights,( we use at Christmas) in them. After I put some paper plates at the table for all of us to eat off. ☀

For drinks I used these jam jar inspired glasses I got a present for Christmas from my sister with these cute, retro straws.☀

Finally I put the snacks in some cute heart dishes we owned and that’s the snacks sorted. We like savoury and sweet options so I put out some crisps, popcorn and chocolate in the dishes. For dinner we had burger and chips from our local shop. It was a delicious meal and we all had a nice day celebrating Mum’s Birthday.☀

image3 (1)

Hope you found this post helpful if you have any celebrations coming up or you just want to have a tea party this summer.☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

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