☆ Curling hair ☆


To curl my hair because it is fine I separate in to two section one either side of my head. Next I pick up about 1 inch sections starting from the back and wrapping the hair different away around the conical barrel. Each section from the back of one of the sides of my heads. Just keep in mind to be more flattering the hair closet to the face should be away from the face. Once completed one side I move on to the next.☀


After I leave my curls to cool and then spray with some hair spray and depending on the effect I am after I would either use my finger or a brush to gently brush out the curls to create more of a wave effect. Then I would use a tiny bit of serum to smooth the curls as sometimes they can look frizzy when brushed out. When adding a little bit of serum twirl the hair the same way the hair was curled.All done. ☀

I have really got the hang of it now and can do my hair in 5 minutes. Sometimes I leave it all done or do a half up, half down pony tail or a half bun scrunch hairstyle. My hair is coloured damaged and fine so I try to use a mask most times I wash my hair to keep it in amazing condition and this is my favourite at the moment.☀


Hope you found this helpful☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

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