☆ Nails ☆


Rosie Bea Elegant Touch Nails☀

I went to Superdrug to get some essentials and picked up these nails. I picked up two sets Truffle and Sweetpea. I have never tried nails like this before but I have had acrylics, shellac and sns at nail salons.☀


My sister helped me apply them, as I am not the best at painting my nails. Firstly I filed my nails and buffed them, next I soaked my hands and pushed my cuticles back, after that I just wiped some nail polish remover over my nails to remove any natural oils. Then my sister placed the nails on my nails to work out which ones fit each finger best. Finally she applied the glue to my natural nail and at 45 degree angle applied the nail.☀


I have worn Truffle and absolutely loved them, the colour is beautiful and reminds me of Nails Inc Porchester Square one of my favourite colours. If I had to describe the colour I would say it is a grey, taupe with a purple hue. The nail colour really suited me as I have very pale skin which made me love them even more. I didn’t file them down, I kept them the same length they came but you can file the down to a different size and shape as they are made of super-flex technology. ☀


I love wearing nails and think these a great idea. I love nails as the elongate my hand and make them look pretty and elegant. Finally I found the sizes in the pack they give amazing and I got two sets of wear out of the 24 nails they give you. ☀


Let me know your favourite nails whether they are from a shop or a nail salon. ☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

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