☆ Teas ☆


I never have really been a hot drink fan except from hot chocolates but they’re not the healthiest. Recently I have really got into teas so I thought I would share my favourites with you.☀


PG Tips Red Berry Tea- fruity, sweet and taste lovely.☀

Tetley Green Tea Tropical- Very nice as I love tropical flavour and it also has added benefits like vitamins and minerals. As I am a vegetarian and don’t eat that much this tea helps me get all the essentials.☀

Tetley Green Tea Berry Burst- Very nice and fruity and has lots of benefits to help your immune system.☀

Fruiteatox Daytox Lemon- Very refreshing, nice flavour and enjoy drinking them on rotation.☀

Fruiteatox Sleeptox Orange- Very nice and helps me to fall asleep as I struggle to fall asleep and wanted a natural remedy to help me drift off. You are meant to take it every other day but I take it when I feel like I need the help. ☀


I enjoy all the teas and drink them on rotation, so I have some change and don’t get bored of just one. Hope you enjoyed my post about my favourite teas. Let me know if you have any favourite teas. ☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

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