☆ My Hair ☆


My hair has been multiple colours as from a young age I wanted to change the colour. When I was 14 I had a t- section of foils but then after about a year had them toned down as I hated them. When I was 16 I had a subtle ombre done. After that I worked in a hairdresser as an apprentice so my hair changed multiple times. ☀


I had my ombre re done so it was brighter than within months I went darker cooler colour, next I had half a head of foils to a blonde, then I had a full head of foils and was a brighter blonde. After I decided my hair was very damaged so went a darker natural colour to give it a break and stop with the  bleach. Unfortunately my hair went wrong when I went darker so was ginger and it didn’t go well with my skin tone.So I left my hair for a while to give it a break. ☀


Finally I am happy with my hair I have my ombre re done. I had some more bleach on the ends and a semi-permanent colour on the root to tone down the warmth. My hair ends were ashy because I had a toner but overtime the toner washes out. So now my hair is warm on the ends but I love it. It has so many tones in so when I wear it curly and my hair up it has so much texture and looks thick. ☀

My hair texture is fine and I have a medium amount of hair. My hair has been quite processed so I use a really nice mask most times I wash my hair to add moisture back and it keep it in a healthy condition. I also always use heat protectant before letting my hair air dry or I blow dry it. ☀

I rarely use tools on my hair but if I do I use a diva conical wand and loosely curl it to stop too much heat damage. But usually I wear it up to stop me playing with it and causing damage and breaking the hair. ☀

Thanks for reading ❀❀❀

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