☆ My Jewellery ☆


I really love jewellery because having key items can help spice up your wardrobe and make outfits look more sophisticated and put together. On my bedside table I keep my favourite pieces so when I am getting ready I remember to put them on because otherwise I feel bare without my jewellery.☀

I have one bracelet I always wear which is a Tiffany and co silver bracelet. I used my Christmas two years ago to buy it as I didn’t know what I wanted so I just asked for money, so it is a special gift for me as it is from everyone. I wear the bracelet everyday and the simplicity and chicness about it. ☀


I also love rings, last year I started to collect them starting with two and now I own 8 silver rings from Pandora and Xo Beauty. I started with my Pandora star ring and my Pandora birthstone aquamarine ring, after that I got a silver Pandora feather ring with some money as a tribute to my grandad. Then a few weeks ago I order 3 rings from Xo Beauty, a sun, a moon and an elephant. Finally this week I went to Pandora and bought another star ring and an infinity ring because I love the infinity sign and meaning. ☀


For a necklace I only wear one on special occasions which is a custom made star necklace with a diamond in which my grandad got hand made for my mum, sister and I. He used his wedding ring as it had 3 diamonds in as he had got divorced. I love the necklace and it will always hold a special place to my heart. ☀


I love silver jewellery as I feel it compliments my pale skin tone a lot better than gold or rose gold. I adore all of my pieces of my jewellery; they all contain special reasons or memories for me. ☀

Let me know your key items of jewellery in your wardrobe. ☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

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