☆ Relaxing ☆


I struggle to want to or find time to relax or enjoy much so I want to try to set some time aside for it.☀

Being outside-I enjoy sitting in the garden, looking on the internet or just lying on a chair and looking up at the sky and taking in the surroundings. I usually do this on a Sunday morning but because the UK has really bad unpredictable weather I try to get in the garden when it’s not raining as much as possible.☀

Baths- I also enjoy taking baths, I used to have one everyday but due to one high water bill (whoops sorry mum), I now have them every other day and alternate them with showers. I enjoy having a nice, long relaxing bath so I usually have one when I wash my hair so I can put a hair mask in, tie up my hair, scrub and shave. Then I would rinse the masque out afterwards. I also really enjoy just lying in the water with my eyes closed relaxing.☀

Music- Listening to music helps me to be calm and collective, I enjoying listening to Beyoncé, Sia, Ed Sheeran, Leona Lewis, Drake and also what’s new in the top 40 chart. ☀


Bubbles- Blowing bubbles in the garden is really fun, I got a 3 pack from Sainsbury’s and they were inexpensive. I love blowing bubbles in the garden and watching them float away. I adore the different shapes and sizes they come in and seeing the refraction (causing the rainbow / oil effect). ☀

Diary- Writing a diary is really helpful to me as I am physically emptying my head, remembering good and bad times of the day and help me learn how to improve. ☀

Hope you found this post helpful, let me know any activities you do to help you relax and stay calm. ☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

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