☆ Eczema ☆


I have always suffered with eczema since was I born and have had loads of creams and even to be referred to the hospital. My eczema flares up with stress and sometimes when I have used something new as I have super sensitive skin. ☀

I use Aveeno to moisturises my skin and then I layer a steroid cream on top either Eumovate (for mild flare ups) or Dermovate (for bad flare ups) which I get from the doctor. I firstly rub in Aveeno in to my skin and layer one steroid cream on top (an appropriate one for depending on the flare up), then I wrap the part off my body in cling film and put a sock over it (cotton works best). ☀


I use clingfilm as it only allows the cream to sink into my skin and not absorb into the cotton sock. I suffer with eczema all over but mainly on my hands, face and arms. ☀


I always apply Aveeno to my body when I come out of the shower or bath and then do this routine before I get into bed to ensure it has as much time as possible to sink in and while I rest it sinks in. ☀

Let me know if you suffer from eczema and how you treat it. Hope you found this helpful. ☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

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