☆ Inspirational People ☆


In this world I find  few people very inspirational in the way they act, how they portray themselves, their view, their beliefs and support they give about an important topic or a charity close to their heart.☀

First of all lets start with Beyonce, she empowers women and teaches us to be strong,independent women. Her morals are to be powerful and help make a difference in the world. To look back in the future and be proud of what you have achieved and how far as a person you have grown.☀


Next of all is Katie Piper, she has shown the world how to be proud of your scars and how to carry on with life when it takes a turn for the worst. She presents lots of TV programmes and is well know for her charity she set up The Katie Piper Foundation. This charity helps victims of acid attacks become strong and help them will support and physical help. In the last few years she has got married and had a little girl. She shows the world how to be proud and not hide away because you have suffered at the hands of others. She has allowed the world’s views to change on how women and men look and how they are still accepted.☀


Jeffree Star is a well know popstar and makeup artist. He has released his own makeup line which includes liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters and lipsticks (coming soon). They are all vegan and cruelty free which is amazing.He has shown the world it is okay for men to wear makeup and be gay. He wears makeup and wigs which allows him to express his style. He is also covered in tattoos which I like as tattoos need to be more accepted in today’s society. ☀


Shannon Harris is a youtuber which has released her own brand, which is growing each year with makeup brushes, lashes, hairbands and jewellery. She shows the world how anything is possible and if you dream it, believe it, anything can come a reality.☀


Manny Mua has grown his youtube channel and is a man who wears makeup and it is important for him to take pride in his appearance. He has done lots of collaborations with many brands including makeup geek, ofra and Jeffree star.☀


Let me know who you find are inspirational role models.☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

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