☆ My First Outfit Of The Day ☆


I thought I would mix up the post topics so I decided to try and do some more lifestyle posts. So today I will be talking you through my outfit. I am giving you an insight in to my wardrobe and style.☀

Jumper- New look grey mandala print sweatshirt. Very light-wear and comfortable. I have worn it a lot and the print has faded a lot, but I adore it because it looks very chic, boho style. It adds character to my outfit. Also I love grey so one of my staple items in my wardrobe.☀


Leggings- Zara they are a thick black stretchy material with two gold zips that sit on your thighs. Also they have a black ribbed, textured panel on the side. They are extremely comfortable and lightweight. I do a lot of travelling in them as they are so soft you dont feel restricted or uncomfortable. ☀


Rings- Pandora and Xo beauty I always wear these rings and find them comfortable. Jewellery is a way I find to express myself and jazz up a simple outfit. All my jewellery is silver as it compliments my skin colour more. ☀

Socks- Tesco I love these trainer socks as they are so soft, comfortable and cheap. They are £3 and I always find myself buying them. I am very fussy with socks and absolutely love these.☀


Let me know your favourite go to pieces in your wardrobe.☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

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