☆ My Shoe Collection ☆


I am getting more and more obsessed with shoes. Everyone has there little guilty pleasure mine has been bags and makeup but now it has become shoes. I own around 12 pairs of shoes and every time I go on the internet looking on shops I lust over all different types of styles of shoes.I have quite a range of shoes ranging from flats to heels to boots to closed front sandals and trainers.☀

Firstly I have a pair of Nike roshe runs in black. They have a grey tick which I love as I am obsessed with grey. They are so comfortable its like walking on clouds. I got a size 4 which is my usual size and I love them!☀

Next is my Primark espadrilles. A cheap and comfortable pair of black lace shoes. They can dress an outfit down or add a quirky side. They go with everything as they are black and now have fallen in love with espadrilles.☀

Afterwards is my River Island strappy flats. I got these in a 3 and they are so comfortable. They go with everything as they are black and very elegant with the detail. I wore these to death last summer and they survived well so I will be wearing them forever. They are so classy and I wear them dresses or trousers. Even in the winter I will throw them on with a pair of black tights.☀

Then I have a pair of Primark nude flats. When i first bought these i got a black pair as well but wore them to death and had to get rid of them. I love the nude as it flatters my skin tone and the gold plastic chain makes the shoes look more expensive than they actually were. They are very comfortable and I own them in a 4. The gold is a nice detail to dress up outfits as i usually stick to silver but it is nice to have a change. I wear these with socks and trousers or dresses bare legged or with tights.☀

My winter boot collection is a bit excessive with 3 pair of uggs. I have two pairs of Bailey button mini uggs with a swaskorvi crystal and one bare of biscuit coloured knitted uggs. I wear the black ones the most and they have got visible wear on them. The knitted ones I usually wear in spring when the weather is having a moment and cant decide whether to rain or be sunny. I wear my biscuit leather ones when it doesn’t rain to ruin them.☀

I have one pair of heels from debenhams which are a black fake leather with one strap and a fabric bow. The heels are very comfortable and I can wear them for 12 hours straight. I always wear these to special occasions and party’s as they help me last through the night.

I also owned a pair of river island heeled chunky Chelsea boots. They are so comfortable and can wear these for weeks on end for 12 hour days. They are a suede so have wear and tear but I love it as they look distressed and chic. Defiantly recommend heeled Chelsea boots to anyone I am absolutely in love with them.☀

Another pair of espadrilles I own are from Quiz, they were in the sale and they are gorgeous. They are a lace material with a floral pattern on where the colours are blue, pink, red and white. They are so comfy and are very cushioned. They are so comfortable and I feel I may buy more shoes from Quiz and more espadrilles.☀

Finally I own a pair of Miss Selfridge grey moc croc heeled sandles. These are so comfortable and I love the subtle crocodile print. They are also grey which is another bonus because I love grey. I can wear these with bare legs and tights. They help to dress up an outfit and add an edgeness.☀

Let me know how many pairs of shoes you own and what are your favourite type of shoes.☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀


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