☆ Outfit Of The Day 2 ☆


Another outfit post with borrowed clothes from my sister. I absolutely love grey which you all probably know about it now. I like to be as comfortable as possible, but that doesn’t mean I look like a slob. I can feel comfortable in smart clothes, casual clothes and most defiantly in pyjamas.☀


Fleece- Armani Exchange This is my sister grey faux fur hoody. It is so comfortable, snugly and warm. I love it and will be borrowing it a lot more in the future. It helps me to look more put together and feel fabulous. The only complaint I have is the zip is a bit difficult to do up but because it is so gorgeous I forgive it.☀

Leggings- H and M I always buy my black leggings from H and M as they are comfy,thick and cheap.  They are thick enough so you cant see through to your skin or your choice o underwear through.. I always buy them in bulk as they are my go to pair of trousers. They do two different types but when it comes near winter they release the better quality pairs.☀


Vest Top- M and S also borrowed from my sister it is a navy colour with lacey accent. It is so comfortable and does not make me feel like I have got a piece of tight, horrible material. They are usually on deal for 2 for £8. They are great basics so will be picking up some soon.☀

Socks- Tesco my favourite trainer socks ever. They are so comfortable and dont strangle my ankles. They are so soft and last a long time until I get a hole in them or wore the heel through.☀


Let me know your favourite type of outfit from the week.☀

Thank you for reading ❀❀❀

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