☆ Marc Jacobs Mascara And Eyeliner ☆


My sister recently stopped by a Marc Jacobs beauty counter and collected 2 samples. She got a sample of the Marc Jacobs velvet noir major volume mascara and a Marc Jacobs highliner gel crayon.☀

The mascara is very similar to the Too Faced better than sex mascara because the brush is bristles and is an hourglass shape. It adds lots of volume- but to some people may find it a little bit clumpy. It is also very easy to build up. She wore it on a hot day as it was 25 degrees plus so by the end of the day a little bit had transferred to the under eye area.☀


The eyeliner stays all day she used the eyeliner in her tightline only in the upper waterline. She is a contact lens wearer so is very cautious when applying. She finds it very creamy, stays all day, it is not runny. It is very high quality. She even sometimes likes to push the pencil in to her lash-line to give the appearance of fuller, bolder and blacker lashes.☀

The eyeliner is also a twist up, so no need to worry about carrying a sharpener with you and it is so easy to chuck in your bag and use out of the go to smoke out a look even more.☀

She says she would defiantly buy the full size of the eyeliner without hesitation even though she doesn’t know how much it costs. For the mascara she will try it out for a bit longer but it is a good product but extremely similar to the Too Faced better than sex mascara. So in my opinion I guess the Too Faced one would be cheaper and they are very similar.☀

Let me know your favourite Mascaras and Eyeliners. Plus let me know if you have tried any products from the Marc Jacob beauty-line.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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