☆ Duty Free Purchases ☆


Recently my sister returned from her holiday and of course she bought some items in duty free for my mum and me. This way she got us gifts and saved money as duty free has 20% off items and you pay no vat.☀

She picked up: ☀

Mac lipstick in Hug Me☀

YSL Mon Paris fragrance ☀

Hugo Boss Fragrance ☀

Dior Poison Girl ☀

I really love her purchases. The YSL fragrance is for me it smells sweet, fruity and musky all at the same time. I love the packaging its so sleek, clear glass with a black bow and a gold rectangle with the logo on. The liquid is a light pink and it is my favourite at the minute.☀


My mum was bought the Hugo Boss fragrance as a present from my sister. It smells lovely and reminds me of something else but I cant’t work out what it reminds me of.☀

Finally she bought herself a Mac lipstick in Hug Me. She doesn’t really like Mac lipsticks and think they are not worth the money but she absolutely loved the colour. So just took the plunge as it had some money off.☀


Let me know if you’ve been duty free shopping recently. Also let me know if you have tried any of these products.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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