☆Baking Recipe Chocolate Chips Cookies ☆


Another lifestyle baking post. This recipe is not mine but it is my got recipe for baking yummy cookies for a family event or just as a hobby.☀

Firstly I will list all the ingredients and equipment needed to complete these cookies and also have step by step pictures to help you along the way and to show you the progress, plus of course a picture of the end result.☀

Self raising flour 225g ☀

Caster suagr 85g ☀

Muscovado sugar 85g ☀

Butter 200g ☀

Eggs 1 ☀

Chocolate Chips 200g ( use as little or as many as you like or switch out ingredients for a healthy or unhealthy opinion.) ☀

Mixing Bowl ☀

Wooden spoons ☀

Metal spoons ☀

Baking trays ☀

Grease proof paper ☀

Firstly to start of with mix the butter and sugars together (ensure the butter is soft), then add the flour slowly and mix in the eggs. Finally add the chocolate chips.☀

Turn the oven to 200 degrees, spoon on spots to the baking paper, then place in the oven. I put them on for 10 minutes and then checked them. I think in total I put them on for 14 minutes.☀

Then I took them out the oven, turned it off and left to cool, then when cool put them on a chopping board.☀

Let me know if you enjoy baking and what your favourite recipes are. Let me know if you try any recipes I post.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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