☆ Morning Essentials ☆


First thing I do in the morning when I have woken up is go to the toilet, wash my hands, then I go on to brushing my teeth. For this I us my Philips electric toothbrush ( I love electric toothbrushes as i feel it gives me the deepest clean). For toothpastes I love the Oral B range and at the minute I am using the Oral B 3d white brilliance ( I really like this one as it is minty and has whitening properties).☀

Then I move on to mouthwash and I use Colgate’s fluroguard mouthwash.After that I splash my face with water and use my Bobbi Brown hydrating rich cream cleanser ( I work it in to my skin with my hands; but if  have time in the morning I will also use my foreo luna play to help penetrate deep into the skin to remove any dirt or excess oil.)Then I will splash my face with water and pat dry with some tissue.☀

On to hair, starting out I will give it a brush with my wet brush to remove any tangles or knots. If I need to apply dry shampoo I will at this stage then go on to styling my hair accordling depending on how much time I have. I will either do a fancy hair up, a bun, a plait, a ponytail or half up, half down.☀


Finally I will chuck some clothes on, spritz on some deodorant and perfume and grab a pump on moisturiser to rub in to my face on the way out the door.☀


Let me know your morning essentials.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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