☆ Bomber Jackets ☆


This seasons hottest accessories all over the high-street. I picked up 3 from New look. All of them floral incorporating my favourite colour GREY!☀

This one is a thick material, with structured shoulders, the sleeves are grey silver silk, and the body is a black thick, structured material. The black body has embroided pattern of of flowers and birds. The pattern has 3 different types of pink and a green. The zip is gold. This was £35 but for the quality and material it was a steal.☀

3 ways I like to wear bomber jackets are ; zipped all the way up, wrapped around my waist or just on top of a cami not zipped up.☀

This is the second bomber which is made is made of a lighter looser material which doesn’t have any structure. The main colour is a light blue/ grey wash. The flowers are pink, yellow and darker blue/ grey. The zip is silver and the cuffs and collar are black striped material. This is so comfortable and easy to wear. It also helps to spice up a plain outfit. This was £25 and I love it.☀

I like to style them with leggings, trousers, jeans (shock horror for me) and with dresses.☀

The last bomber is a blue/ grey thicker material with black cuffs and collar. The flowers on the jacket are white, pink, purple and green. This was in the sale for £22. What an absolute steal.☀


I love all 3 bombers as my wardrobe is black or grey it adds some colour and helps me to dress up or down an outfit. I have put my self of a bomber ban as I can see myself going even more wilder than I already have and my bank will hate me even more. (lol ;0).☀

Let me know if you’ve picked up any bomber jackets recently and your favourite way to style them.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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