☆ Selfridges Order ☆


Recently My sister and I made a Selfridges order online and She went to collect it from the store in Oxford street/ Bond street station after work one day. Before she went to the click and collect department she had a browse through the beauty counters and in particular the brushes. ☀

She picked up a fan brush as she had been on the look out for one. She got a Zoeva Luxe Fan brush. While deciding what brush she wanted she face-timed us ( my mum and I); were trying to encourage her to buy a set as they were brushes goals. But in the end she just picked up on brush to see if she liked it or not.☀


Then she went to the click and collect department where she was quickly served.  Afterwards she got the tube back home where I picked her up from the station and jumped right in the bag to see the products we had picked up.☀

Firstly we had ordered a Beauty Blender solid cleanser as I have had a sample and it was amazing, next I had picked up a Royal orchid Beauty Blender ( its a lovely purple and I always need more than one of everything), Chloe had picked up a Zoeva fan brush and a travel kit that was in the sale for £10.00 with 10 products inside worth the value f £100. She is going on 3 holidays this year so the travel size products are wonderful.☀


I know when she was on face-time to me I felt overwhelmed with the vast variety of different products and brands.☀

Let me know if you have picked up any products recently or popped in to a big department store in London.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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