☆ Beyonce Concert Update ☆


OMG I had the best day of my life on the 02/07/2016. I spent the day pampering myself and getting ready for Queen B’s concert. I spent 4 hours slowly getting ready; I had a bath to soak, scrub and shave, I washed my hair, dried it, curled it , did a hair-up, painted my nails, did my makeup, got dressed and took lots of pictures. ☀

I travelled to station once my sister and I were ready, unfortunately we had to wear rain-macs to protect our hair, makeup and clothes. We took 3 tubes to Wembley and came out at Wembly Park Station.☀


When we arrived we used the cash machine and bought flower crowns because it was Queen B’s concert we went all out. We follow a guard to our gate and went to the toilets before entering the stadium. We then bought some snacks and drinks and went to our seats. We were 2 hours early as I don’t like being late and it was going to be an amazing experience so I wanted to take it all in. We got some popcorn, crisps and water.☀

We then face-timed our mum to show her the seats and our view as it was my 18th birthday present. We took lots of pictures and videos on our camera roll and snap-chat. We sat in our seats and then my sister went to see the merchandise as we wanted to buy something to remember the amazing day by. We got a poster, a badge and I got a Beyonce key-ring for my car keys.☀


At around 7;10 we had a DJ come on stage to warm up the crowd while people were still taking their seats and before the support act came on. He played really old songs like the spice girls, Robbie Williams, cold-play and then new stuff like Little Mix, Rihanna and Craig David. Our support act on the Saturday night was Tinie Temper he did two songs on his own then Zara Larsson joined him for the final song which was girls like.☀

Queen B was meant to start at 8;00 PM but she started 25 minutes late but I let her away with it as she is the Queen. She sung loads of songs and had loads of outfit changes. She did do a lot of dancing and she spoke to us at the beginning in between songs and at the end.☀

We took loads of pictures and videos. We had a blast but we payed the consequence by having very sore, horsey throats for 3 days afterwards.☀

She sung lots of songs and did a few medleys of her old songs; here’s a list of the songs she sung;

Formation, Sorry, Flawless, Run the world, Mine, Baby Boy, Hold up Countdown, Me, Myself and I, Running, All Night, Let it Be, Ring the alarm, Naughty boy, Independent woman, Diva, Flawless remix, Feeling Myself, Yonce, 7,11, Drunk In Love, Rocket, Daddy’s lessons, Single Ladies, Crazy In Love, Bootylicious, Naughty girl, Party, Nasty girl, Blow, Sweet dreams, Survivor, Freedom, End of Time, Grown Woman and Halo.☀

I would really recommend if you love Beyonce to go to one of her concerts in your lifetime as she is amazing and mind blowing. I would totally go to another one of her concerts and even would pay extra to meet her as she is such an inspirational woman to me.☀

Let me know if you went to Beyonce’s concert or any concert recently.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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