☆ Fixing A Broken Powder ☆


My sister recently bought a broken highlighter palette, to fix it and use it. It was the Anastasia Sun-dipped that glow kit. Original the palette cost £40 but she was looking on depop and order a broken £20. Then while she was at work I was sent off to superdrug to buy some surgical spirit.☀


When The palette came through the letterbox my sister, opened it and got all the tools ready to fix the palette. She got some kitchen roll, a knife, spoon and the palette. Firstly she started by opening the palette carefully, then she started with the lightest shad and filled 2 teaspoons with surgical spirit, she then used the spoon to ensure all of the powder was saturated in surgical spirit. Next she used the back of the spoon to level out the powder, she also used the knife to help flatten the product in the pan. ☀

She repeated this four times until all pans where fixed, she continued the process by going from lightest to darkest.She then careful let them set for an evening and by the morning they were set. They still did smell a bit of alcohol but after 2 days the smell was gone.☀

Overall the palette cost her £22 which includes the surgical spirit, the powders are very pigmented and glowie. She is extremely happy with her purchase and how much money she saved overall.☀

Let me know if you have fixed any powders before and how easy you find it ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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