☆ Eye-shadow Looks ☆


Recently I have been really into changing my eye-shadow look depending on how I am feeling that day whether that be an all matte look or a shimmery, sparkly eye.☀

Here are some eye-shadow looks we have created and thought we would share them with you to give you some inspiration with different colours and looks.☀

My Too Faced eye- Using the Sweet Peach palette I took white peach all over the lid and up to the brow as a base, then using Georgia lightly building it up in the crease, luscious as the pop of shimmer all over the mobile lid, Cobbler under the lower lash-line and Nectar in the inner corner to brighten.☀

My Bobbi Brown eye- Using Nude as a base on the lid, next dove grey in the crease and cement as a pop of shimmer on the mobile lid.☀

My Glamorous eye- Using Soft buff on the lid as a base, Dove grey in the crease and my Bare Minerals Nude Beach pigment on the lid.☀

My Warm eye- Too faced sweet peach palette peaches’n’ cream as a base, puree in the crease and then my Bobbi Brown Champagne Quartz 2 eye-shadow on the lid.

My Dramatic eye- Using nude as a base on the lid and in the crease, then using dove grey to darker-en and intensify the crease, next using earth in the outer v, along the lower lash line and creating a soft smoky flick. For the pop on the lid I used golden bronze all over on a synthetic brush which i sprayed to intensify the shimmer and to finish the look I added pink Bellini to the middle of the mobile lid.

Let me know your favourite eye shadow looks whether that be a subtle eye or a dramatic smokey eye.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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