☆ Remembering A Loved One ☆


When we suddenly lost our grandad last year, we were distraught; we think about him everyday and try our hardest to let his memory live on.☀

For his birthday- We got a artificial orchid and attached t to his bench with a cable tie ( he also loved artificial flowers and had loads form Ikea and he also had a cable tie around incase he every needed one.) ☀

Also we ordered some heart lanterns off eBay and set them off in the sky on his birthday to let them rise up and to help us let go of our grief.☀

For Fathers day- We got some burgundy ribbon and tied it around the arm of a bench with a tag with a handwritten message from us ( his favourite colour was burgundy.)☀


For the 1 year anniversary of his death- We got helium silver star metallic balloons and tied a tag with a handwritten message from us and released them at his old house.☀

We thought long and hard about how we could try to celebrate these sad occasions.☀

We found doing all these activities helpful as we were remembering the good times and physically sending something up ( a balloon or lantern).☀

We took lots of pictures and videos. We decide we would celebrate his death every year by releasing a balloon.☀

I know it is harmful to the environment to release balloons but 2 balloons once a year from us to help us deal with our loss and grief is okay with me.☀

Let me know ways you remember your loved ones and if you found this post helpful.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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