☆ Face-wash Battle ☆


I have very sensitive, dry, eczema prone skin so I have to be extremely careful what I put on my skin especially my face; otherwise  I can have an allergic reaction ( which includes swelling, red blotchy skin, very dry skin, sensitive skin so even water and air hurt it and flakiness).☀

A brand I put my faith in is Bobbi Brown for the last 2 years I have had (and am in the process of using) 3 face-washes, buffing grains and a hydrating face toner.☀

My number one face-wash has to be the Bobbi Brown Hydrating rich cream cleanser, I am on  my second tube of this stuff ( and its coming to an end 😦 ). This is very moisturising and calming on my skin. I use this twice a day and it doesn’t irritate my skin. I use it to give my face a wash in the morning with my hands and I also use it at nighttime to remove my makeup. ( It is safe for use on the eyes and doesn’t irritate mine.) By far this is my favourite skin care product.☀

Number 2 has to be the Advanced Brightening Foaming cleanser. I use this product when my skin looks dull and needs to glow. It is very good but you can’t get it in your eyes. ☀

Number 3 is the Lathering Face Wash , it is pretty basic and just cleans your face. I didn’t see much change with my skin with this product so thats why it is my least favourite out of the three.☀

My sister on the other hand is totally different to me; she has acne prone, oily to combination skin and loves the Advanced Brightening Foam Cleanser. She uses it once a day in the evening to cleanse her skin. She feels it brightens her skin and would defiantly repurchase it when it runs out.☀

When my skin has a freak out and becomes sore I like to mix the Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser with the Face Buffing Grains. I will slowly and softly work it over all areas of my face and neck to exfoliate and get my skin back to normal.☀

The toner is the product I use the least I find it hassle and always forget. I personally feel cleansing and moisturising are the most important steps for my skin. Don’t get me wrong this is a lovely product but I hardly ever use it.☀

Here is a list of my most important steps for cleansing skin:☀

Find a wash that works best for you☀

Use a flannel or muslin cloth to ensure all the cleanser and makeup is removed☀

Dry your face with tissue and pat dry it gently☀

Also remove all your makeup before sleeping☀

Cleanse the skin☀


Let me know your favourite skin care products and what skin type you have.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀


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