☆ My Favourite Clothes Shops ☆


I am very picky when it comes to my clothes. My style is non existent; I choose what I like and buy it if it suits me. I usually wear jumpers, leggings, dresses, play-suits, trousers, jeans and trackie bottoms.☀

I love New Look its my favourite shop for clothes about 70 % of my wardrobe is from New Look. I love their jumpers, tops and dresses.☀

Next is H and M I love their thick black leggings, jumpers and a few dresses.☀

Boohoo has also recently become a favourite too for jumpsuits, trousers and the trendy bardot style tops.☀

Zara is a shop I own 3 items from a pair of leggings and two lightweight jumpers. I do like their clothes but find them overpriced for what they are and the sizing is very strange.☀

Topshop my jeans are hand me downs from my sister and are Leigh style, I would love another pair of jeans in a different colour like grey or navy but I can’t justify spending £42 on one pair of trousers.☀

Tesco’s are my favourite for trainer socks and I also own some black crushed velvet leggings which I love as they are just a twist on traditional leggings.☀

Mostly my wardrobe contains Black, White and Grey this is mainly due to my job. I also do have a few rare pieces with different colours in. I wear Black and Grey the most as I find these colours are flattering on me and my very pale skin-tone.☀

Let me know your favourite shops for clothes.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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