☆ Outfit Of The Day Post No7 ☆


Another style post coming to you, my outfit of the day. I really like wearing dresses and tights as I feel more girly and put together. I find it helps me to feel more professional when needed. ☀

Dress- Black and White Feather dress; I adore this dress so much as it is comfortable, stylish and girly. I love the touch of the the feather pattern as I love feathers and I find it being black goes with most clothes and is very flattering on my skin tone and figure.☀

Tights- I paired it with these black Marks and Spencer tights. I have very pale legs so I like my tights to be very opaque so you cant’t see my skin tone through them and I like the material as it isn’t too annoying where they are slipping down every 5 seconds. They are more expensive as the are from M and S but they are excellent quality and have a good life span.☀

Bomber- New look bomber black silky material with pink and green embellished flowers and leaves. It also has silvery, grey sleeves which is a nice contrast. My is in petite but it is available in normal cut aswell. I find it very comfortable and lightweight. It keeps me warm when there is a chill in the air but you don’t overheat in it.☀

Let me know your favourite outfit at the minute.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀


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