☆ Makeup Geek Products ☆


I have always wanted to try Makeup Geek products, since I found about about the brand but struggled to find them without having to pay a huge import tax.☀

I found Beauty Bay and got 3 products in a beauty box- A blush in Spellbound, Contour shade in Breakup and an Eye-shadow in Creme Brulee.☀


The quality and pigmentation is amazing and they are so affordable starting from £4.50. I can’t wait to try more products and start my own Z palette, as my sister already owns one.☀

The contour is the palest shade available and extremely fair shade is amazing. Now i contour my face without looking orange or muddy. Of course one side always looks better than the other. It is a beautiful cool tone shadow. ☀


The blush is in Spellbound it is a soft pink that is pigmented. It is very buttery and a beautiful colour that I would not normally go for. This has encouraged me to go out my comfort zones for colours of blush. It is a beautiful products so would love to try another shade or 10 (lol).☀


The eye-shadow is in Creme Brulee is a warm cream,beige tone. Amazing shade for the crease and helping other eyeshadows blend out. Am really looking forward to trying more Makeup Geek products. Really looking forward to trying some more and am putting Makeup Products on my Wishlist.☀


Let me know if you have tried any Makeup Geek products.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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