☆ Having A Clear Out ☆


I love having a clear out and being organised. As tidy house equals a tidy mind. Well it’s suppose to! When stuck in a rut and a bit low I love to have a clear out and be active to release stress and become relaxed.☀

I start by doing my wardrobe by clearing out my clothes, jewellery, bags and makeup. I have 3 piles I organise things into Bin, Charity Shop or sell.☀

I cleared out about 1/2 my wardrobe as I have bought some new clothes recently and I get loads of great clothes from my sister. I also go rid of lots of scarves, toys and accessories. I love giving to charity as people benefit and a charity gets money and stock to go towards a great cause.☀


I bin thing I feel I don’t need or aren’t any benefit to anyone.☀

I sell things I feel that are still in amazing condition/ quality. They either don’t fit me, don’t suit me or are brand new.☀

I find the best place to sell your things are on depop or gumtree.☀

Let me know your favourite places to sell your things on and if you have had a clear out recently.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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