☆ Baking Recipe Cupcakes ☆


This is not my personal family cupcake recipe but this is my go to cupcake recipe whether i making cakes for fun, for a occasion or just for family. I prefer to make them with just vanilla essence instead of any other flavouring or filling and then ice the top of the cake and decorate them til my heart is content.☀

First thing it to make sure you have all the correct ingredients and equipment to make the cupcakes:☀

Baking trays ☀

Grease proof paper ☀

Cupcake cases ☀

Caster Sugar ☀

Self Raising flour ☀

Eggs ☀

Vanilla essence ☀

Icing sugar ☀

Decorations for top ie- edible stars ☀

Glass mixing bowl ☀

Metal spoons  ☀

Wooden spoon- optional ☀


To start with add 100g of soft butter to the mixing bowl and pour in the 100g of caster sugar, mix until smooth and fluffy. Slowly add in the 100g of self raising flour. Mixing together until smooth. Crack two eggs in a separate bowl to be on the safe side then add to the mixture and mix until smooth. Finally add a few drops of vanilla essence and mix again until you feel happy all the ingredients are whipped nicely. ☀

Next lay your baking trays out and line them with grease proof paper, using the metal spoon carefully fill the cupcake case but remember the cakes will rise so don’t add to much mixture to each case.☀

While filling the cases turn on the oven to 200 degrees ( mine is a fan oven) and allow it time to warm up. When the oven is warmed up and all cases are filled, place them in the baking trays, and place in the oven. Mine took roughly 20 minutes to be golden.☀


It will vary depending on your oven and temperature so if possible check every five minutes. To check if the cakes are done, take them out the oven and gently press a fork in them. If they are cooked the cake should slowly bounce back up. I personally don’t eat cake so I like them to look golden and retract when lightly poked with a fork.☀

Then I will turn the oven off, take all the cakes out and put them on a chopping bored to cool down. While this is happening I will be tidying up and cleaning the kitchen to pass the time. ☀

On to the fun part icing. I start by measuring out 200g of icing sugar and adding 10 small drops of water to it. Next I mix and add more water until i like the look and texture of the icing. It needs to be thick but not to thick or too runny. Then I use a butter knife to ice each cake and put sprinkle and decorations on each one straight away so the icing can set.☀

Here’s what they look like. Hope you liked this lifestyle post, am trying to mix up my content a bit. Let me know your thoughts on baking, your favourite recipes and let me know if you try out this recipe.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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