☆ My Colourpop Order ☆


When I heard about Kathleen Light’s collaboration with Colourpop I was so excited, but even more overjoyed when I heard that they were shipping worldwide. Kathleen has done 4 collections with Colourpop. ☀

When her new collection launched I grabbed one of the new satin lip colours, 1 lipistix from her old collection, 1 lipistix from their permanent line and 1 ultra matte lip.☀


I bought liquid satin lip in Alyssia, a matte liquid lip in Lumiere 2, a lippistix in Lumiere and finally a lippistix in Westie.☀

IMG_2370 (2)   IMG_2815 IMG_2969 IMG_2844

I spent $22 dollars on products and $25 dollars on shipping which is a bit of a joke but I was so desperate to try some more colourpop products and I really wanted to try the collaborations with Kathleen Light as they colours look stunning. I only had one option of tracked express shipping which is why I am guessing it was so expensive but I received my package within a week. I also received emails regularly from Colurpop giving me the status of my order. ☀

I really love all the products and have worn them multiple times. Super amazing colours and quality. So really looking forward to trying more from the brand. As always the theme of my lip order is pinky, mauve, rose colours as I love them and find them most flattering on me.☀

Let me know if you have tried any Colourpop products and let me know your thoughts on Colourpop as a brand.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

4 thoughts on “☆ My Colourpop Order ☆

  1. I’m placing an order to colour pop myself! I really want to try the matte lipsticks and highlighter! I think that from now on until christmas they have worldwide free shipping! 😉 Loved the Brown shade!!


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