☆ Anastasia Moonchild Glow kit ☆


I Personally have never been a lover on highlighter, especially when people take it over the top (like my sister) and want to be shinning very bright. As soon as I saw a picture of this kit I feel in love. I love the name first of “Moonchild” I love the moon, stars. I also have a moon and stars tattooed on me. Secondly I love makeup and thirdly I love the colours so thought i could use it subtly on  my cheeks but also use it as eyeshadows.☀

I Watched lots of youtube videos on people using this kit and they all say its not an everyday item. Personally when I got it i disagree with that statement. Every time I do my makeup I use this glow kit as my highlight and eyeshadows and love it. ☀

As I live in the UK , when it first released I struggled to get my hands on this kit as the Anastasia website wouldn’t ship to the UK. So I ended up on Depop. I found a seller with the item unopened and untouched. She had really good reviews. So I took the plunge and bought the item. It was more than the retail price but when I received it I was so happy and glad I spent more money to get my hands on it as it is so beautiful.☀

The packaging of the Moonchild kit is gorgeous. It is duo-chrome blue to white ombre cover and palette. The brands name is in black writing and the name of the palette is silver writing.☀

When I got the palette it surprised me a it was a smaller than I thought it would be. But I forgave it as it was so beautiful. I opened the palette and saw 6 beautiful colours. Before I touched any of them of-course I took my time to get amazing pictures as I always do. Then I swatched the shades. ☀

They are so buttery, soft and not too pigmented. Which i like so I can build up the intensity of the shades on your cheeks or eyes. The shades are gorgeous. I would really recommend this palette to anyone who was thinking of buying it as it is absolutely lovely. ☀

As Requested here are some swatches of Moonchild palette on my checks. Also I have included a picture of my palette used and also featuring my favourite brush to apply it with.☀

Above is all of the colours mixed on my cheeks. The first picture is without the flash and the third picture is with the flash I think they are very wearable.☀

First here is Blue Ice swatched with a Luxie duo fibre brush 516. The first picture is without the flash and the second picture is with the flash. I applied the normal amount I would to my cheek and this translates into how wearable it is.☀

Next here is Star . It is a silvery, blue this is my favourite shade because I love the name and colour. I also love to mix this with other shades to create a custom highlighter. The first picture is with the flash and the second one is without the flash.☀

Thirdly we have Purple Horseshoe, this is the colour I get the least wear of out of the palette, but I find it more wearable when I mix this shade. The first picture is without the flash and is with the flash.☀

Fourthly we have Pink Heart, this a beautiful light highlight. I love wearing this shade with a cool tone eye. I like this shade on its own or mixed with Blue Moon. The first picture is without the flash and the second is with the flash.☀

Fifthly we have Lucky Clover, this shade is also one I use the least but find it more wearable when mixed with other shade. The first picture is without the flash and second with the flash. This highlight I find is the brightest in the palette on my skin tone and complexion.☀

Finally we have Blue Moon, a lovely light blue shade with shimmer running through it. I love to wear this shade alone or mixed. I love night time, stars and moon so the name and shade of this colour really appeals to me.☀

I love this palette so much and recently when wearing it have been mixing shades, to create the best of both worlds highlighter. My favourite three are Blue Ice, Star and Blue  Moon but thats not to say i dont like the other 3 and I still do use them and love them all.☀

Let me know if you have tried the Moonchild palette or any others Glow Kits by Anastasia.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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