☆ Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Eye-shadow Palette ☆


My Sister Chloe showed me this palette, and said she really wanted it, as for the last few months she has really been into eye-shadow especially warm tones. The first time the palette released she missed out on it but was sort of happy about that so she could do some research and hear peoples reviews on it.☀


She signed up to a mailing list with Cult Beauty for her to be informed when it was back in stock. She was up late one night and got email through to say it was back in stock. She ordered it and the next morning said she had told me she had made a guilty purchases. I guessed it was a Jeffree star highlighter as she loves looking glowy. But I was wrong she had fallen for the hype and bought the palette.☀

She ordered from Cult Beauty and it took 5 days for it to come in the post. That was a bit of a disappointment and everyday the postman came I checked for it and it hand’t come.☀

When  it arrived it was a lot smaller in the post than i thought it was. The package also didn’t seem very protected so we were both worried it was broken. We she opened the package she immediately swatched around and did her eye makeup. Luckily none of the eye shadows were broken.☀

The palette looks beautiful, but Chloe was unfortunately charged with customs tax which she wasn’t expecting. I know the feeling of getting something you have wanted for a long time than you get a smack in the face with extra costs.☀

Chloe’s overall opinion is the eyeshadows and palette are lovely, but she feels they are well overpriced. The formula of the shadows is very creamy and not powdery at all.Some of the shades are sheerer than others but she likes that as you can build the colour up. The palette with shipping costed £56. Due to having 18 shades in the palette, cost per shadow is about £3 or just over. But lately everyone’s eye-shadow palettes are becoming more expensive.☀

I would recommend if you really want this palette and dont mind the high price tag to buy it. But if the cost is a bit too much I would recommend finding some single shades from Makeup Geek or a brand you love and making your own palette with similar shades in. In case you are unaware you can buy Makeup Geek shadows off Beauty Bay from as little as £5 a pan. I would recommend googling swatches on the internet on different skin-tones and choosing your favourites, Thats what I do.☀

Overall I was a bit disappointed with Cult Beauty’s shipping and customer service, so if you can order off Beauty Bay I would 100% recommend it. Beauty Bay sometimes get a product wrong in your order but they apologise, let you keep it and send you the correct item.☀

Let me know if you have tried or want to get your hands on the palette and if my review has helped you in any way thanks.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

6 thoughts on “☆ Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Eye-shadow Palette ☆

    1. Yeah I agree it is a lovely palette. I am interested in the abh Morden palette but my sister says they are too similar. If it I could I would just buy it and force myself to wear the colours as I think the palette is beautiful. I would say if you compared them side to side the abh one is warmer. Hope this helps x ⭐️

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      1. Yeah sounds like a good idea, how about if you want to find some shades that you like in the palette as singles maybe makeup geek, or you could just save and get it when you feels the time right. I would love to own the abh palette one day too x⭐️

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