☆ Chloe’s Givenchy Purchases ☆


Chloe (my sister) recently had a free makeover at the Givenchy counter at our local House of Fraser.☀

She got sucked in at the counter and ended up buying two products. She bought a limited edition bronzer in shade 03 (as she always loves being super bronzed). The pattern on the bronzer is lovely as it has stars on. ( I love stars they are my favourite and I even have two tattooed on my ankle.) The colour is nice, it is a warm, terracotta colour. ☀

She also bought a moisturiser called Hydra sparkling. It is meant to leave the skin glowing, hydrating and plump. She enjoys the moisturiser but for her finds it too heavy to wear under makeup. As when she wears her makeup she likes to go full glam.☀


Let me know if you have tried any Givenchy products and what your favourites are.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀


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