☆ Travelling ☆


For half term, as a nice day we travelled on a train up to Lichfield to see our family, who live up there.☀

Trains are not my favourite form of transport as I get scared about being confined in a carriage with other people I don’t have control, over their actions. I also get worried as when waiting at the station you are very close to the tracks.☀

We had to travel to Euston on the Underground and that was very stressful as it was busy and we were under time restraint. When we arrived at Euston, we had to run to our platform and get on the train as it was a tight squeeze. ☀

We got our train, but unfortunately we couldn’t sit together a we got on the train 5 minutes before departure. ☀


I ended up trying to distract myself fro the journey which was about 1 hour and a half. I started by writing up some blog-posts and then when I table seat became free I swapped seats and started to do some of my colouring book.☀

When we arrived in Lichfield we spent about 6 hours with our family and then we jumped back on the train home. The train was very busy both time and all the seats were full, but at least on our journey home we got to sit together.☀

On the way back I was very tired so I ended up just watching youtube videos and listening to music. I used 80% of my data (oops).☀


The journey was pleasant but its still doesn’t male me enjoy or want to go on trains anymore than I have too.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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