☆ Luxie vs Spectrum Brushes☆



So here is instalment 6 of Blogmas. Today I will be letting you know my thoughts on Luxie and Spectrum makeup brushes. I hope this helps anyone who is looking to try some makeup brushes, or even if it helps you know what to put on your Christmas list.☀


For Chloe’s birthday she got some spectrum makeup brushes. She received the C04 contour brush. A bit like the cult Nars ita brush it is a makeup brush with brush hairs shaped rectangle. This allows people to do contouring with ease but also ensures the contour is sharp.Chloe really loves this brush as she is able to achieve a nice chiselled look with a lot of ease. This brush like all the brushes mentioned in this post is super soft, and is made from synthetic brush hairs.  ☀

Chloe also received the Spectrum eye kit which contains 8 brushes for £40, which is amazing value and the cost per brush is roughly £5. Which I think is a fair price for a good quality synthetic hair brush.In the kit you get A13 ( a smudger brush to use under the lower lashline), B06 ( a fluffy tapered crease brush), A08 ( a flat brush for deepen the outer v, packing shadow on the lid or extra blending), A12 ( smaller tapered brush for the crease or blending more shadow under the lower lash line.) A07 ( packing colour on the lid) C06 ( brush to set your eye-shadow primer or just put a base shade down so it easier to blend the transition shades) B04 ( angled fluffy eye-shadow brush for the crease or to help make the eye-shadow more angled) and finally the A16 ( synthetic brush for packing on shadow on the lid matte or shimmer.)☀

So overall Chloe is impressed with all the Spectrum brushes and thinks they are amazing quality and value for money.☀



Luxie is a brand I have seen many you-tubers and beauty influences use. They are reasonable price with brushes starting from £8 and going up. They are very pretty as they use baby pink handles with rose gold Ferrell. The brushes are also synthetic hair. They are super soft and I feel look more expensive than they cost.☀

Chloe bought the 502 large powder brush to set her whole face. When she received it she thought it would be denser, but loves the brush and thinks it does an amazing job setting her foundation in place. She also bought the 504 Large angled brush which she uses for bronzer and to apply blush.☀

Since Chloe order these brushes from Luxie she has even got me interested in them as they are so soft and such amazing quality. I like the colour scheme with the brushes, rose gold isn’t my favourite colour metal i love silver but I give these an exception.☀

Comparing both of these brand brushes to Real Techniques they are so much softer and in my opinion better.☀

I live in London and ordered all of these brushes off Beauty  Bay. They offer fast shipping and they aren’t too expensive. So Overall I love and recommend both of these brushes. If you had to pick only one brand, if you have the budget I would say I prefer the Luxie ones as they are so soft and amazing. This doesn’t mean I hate the Spectrum ones I just feel they look and feel a little cheaper.☀


Let me know your thoughts on your favourite makeup brushes. Also if you have tried any Luxie or Spectrum Makeup brushes.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

2 thoughts on “☆ Luxie vs Spectrum Brushes☆

  1. Thank you! I have been obsessing between the two. But with both of them relatively newer it’s so hard find reviews esp comparing them . Would love a comparison of eye brushes between them


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