☆ New Tattoo ☆



For Today’s new instalment of Blogmas, I thought I would talk about my new tattoo.☀

So last time I got a tattoo was in August. I booked my next tattoo as a Christmas present on the 26th November. Tattoos to me are something I love to look at and I love having a permanent creative design relevant to me on my body.☀

So on Saturday the 26th of November my mum, sister and I travelled to Essex, to The Interbellum Tattoo Studio, where I have had all 3 of my previous tattoos done. I saw Abi, who I always see who is an amazing and talented artist.☀

My design was a lotus. Yeah it is a very common tattoo and has many meanings. But it is customised and unique to me. I choose a lotus as I love flowers and I especially love how the lotus looks. It is has a religious meaning which is something along the lines of- a lotus is a flower that is beautiful, it has to fight and push its way through the dirt and algae to grow and be able to flourish. So some people can say yeah a lotus is relevant to them. But to mean it stands for a pretty flower and is a representation of strength for all I have been through and what I will continue to go through living life.☀


Tattoos depending on where you get them can hurt, but I just try to think of the bigger picture, which is you go through a small amount of pain to receive a beautiful piece of art on your body forever.☀

My back tattoo, I would rate in pain as a out 5 of 10.☀


Compared to my other tattoos the pain was bearable. My left ankle has been my most painful tattoo to date. My right ankle was bearable and my finger tattoo stung but was OK. The lotus was my longest tattoo and took about 30 minutes the outline was the most painful part and the dot-work was not painful at all. ☀

Let me know if you have got any new tattoos recently, and who your favourite artist are.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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