☆ My New Hair ☆



So a few weeks ago I decided I want to change my hair again. After over a year of not having it coloured and letting my ombre grow out, I decided I wanted it back. I wanted to be a lighter, cooler blonde instead of being a very warm blonde.☀

Ombre is not the term people use anymore it is balyage. I went in to a new salon for a consultation, before booking in two weeks later to have my hair done. I booked in for 1/2 a head of balyage and a cut. Balyage is a french word which means to sweep. So essential what that means is a hairdresser will choose exactly where they want to put the pre lightener and sweep it on to the hair in certain sections to create a soft, blend of dark to light looking as most natural as possible. ☀

Nouvelles is the salon I choose. It is an independent salon in Epsom, which is about 45 minute drive away from where I live. I know the owner of the salon and love her work. ☀

The experience at the salon was lovely.It is a salon which is very bright, it has cream walls and brown chairs with the stations having mirrors hung on to wood. This gives the effect of a very clean, relaxed vibe.☀

So she started by taking a triangle section and placing around 6 foils in there through my parting, these were small thin weaves, covered in bleach and placed in a foil. She did this technique, a I have very fine hair and she wanted to create a soft balyaged look. Then after placing the foils in my hair, she took small sections backcombed my roots and used back and forth hand movements to create a blend and then smothered the lengths and ends of my hair in pre lightener. She repeated this process starting with the back and then finishing with the sides so she could match the amount of pre lightener on each side of my face. Then she left my colour to develop for about 45 minutes before taking me over to the basin where I had a shampoo, and then a toner applied. This allowed my hair to have a colour wash – I had an ashy toner to counteract the warmth as my hair likes to show warmth. Then I had two more shampoos, before conditioner was applied. I was then taken back over to my seat. ☀


I then waited for Amy to come back over to me where, she started to comb my hair ready for a cut. I had 3 inches took off my length as my hair was very scraggly. She started with the back and then moved onto the sides. Then she blow dried my hair. She blow dried it curly, but because my hair is very straight naturally and just drops out curls she went over it with a ghd tong. ☀

I am absolutely in love and can’t thank her enough as my hair is perfect and just what I wanted. I haven’t had my hair coloured in over a year and I regret that I haven’t felt like myself. I am so glad I got my colour done and couldn’t be happier with the results. ☀


Let me know if you have had your hair done recently and What you have had done to it. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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