☆ Decorating Our Christmas Tree ☆



For today’s Blogmas instalment, I thought I would share with you my family decorating our Christmas tree.This blog post will feature us buying our Xmas tree, decorating it and of-course our family tradition of our new Christmas decoration.☀


Here is some decorations and display of Christmas decorations at my local garden centre Wyveales.☀

Here is Santa’s grotto decorated with life size animals. The artificial trees were placed all together and then the wreathes e.t.c.☀

The outside roof was decorated with fairy lights, and then inside areas where sorted into colours for decorations such as a silver table, blue table. Then around the tables and shelves were Christmas trees decorated.☀

So on the 3rd of December, my family went off to our local garden centre and we spent about 5 minutes choosing our favourite tree which was bushy enough. We choose a smaller one which is a change for us as we usually like a tall one.

Then we went on to choosing our new decorations, which is a family tradition each year. So we spent about 15 minutes choosing our new decoration. Then we travelled home and started to decorate our tree.

So here is our tree fully decorated.

Let me know if this gave you any inspiration for decorating you Christmas tree.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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