☆ Christmas Treats for a Party ☆



For this Blog post, I am bringing you some Christmas foods and kits available at supermarkets to help you get in the festive spirit. Also it can help give you some ideas for gifts or for food to have if you are going to have a Christmas Party.☀

Most of these packs were around  £2 – £4, so not too expensive, plus are super cute. They are handy as they contain all the ingredients and products you will need to create festive treats for a celebration or just for yourself.☀

To start with I picked up this Decorate Your Own Bauble Biscuit Kit, from Tesco’s. It contains the biscuits, icing and little edible decorations. This kit will be great for if you have any children in the family as you can turn it in to a fun task, or if it is a party for adults, you can spend time decorating them individually and then make a pretty display for guest to choose there own.☀


Next is the Snowman Lollipop Kit, also from Tesco’s. This is a kit full of White chocolate Lollipops, icing and edible decorations. You can customise the lollipops with different faces for the snowmen. Same goes as before you can create the lollipops and display them for a party or if your family and friends have children you can turn this into a fun task.☀

Star Shortbread biscuits, In this set Tesco’s recommend you put these biscuits in the oven for between 5-8 minutes. Then sprinkle them with the sugar decorations. This is an amazing kit and contains 16 biscuits. This kit is amazing party kit as it contains so many shortbread’s and is so easy and quick to warm up and put out for friends and family to enjoy.☀

Star Shortbread biscuits, also from Tesco they have chocolate chips in. Very festive and very tasty.


Next is a pack of Star Sour Cream Snack Mix. Also from Tesco’s it is a potato snack mix. So similar to crisp, but shaped in the best shape possible lol.☀

Finally for all my girls who enjoy plain potato snacks. Wohoo, Tesco’s are doing lightly salted penguin crisps. Light and fluffy, I think they taste better than Pombears. Also they are nice change for children, as they are a festive mix up.☀

Here is some extra bits I have seen at Tesco’s and thought I would share them with you to help make choosing some tasty treats easier.

Let me know if you are having a party or get together, and if you pick up any of these treats. Hope you have safe and fun Christmas celebrations.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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