☆ Bobbi Brown Mask Trio ☆



For today’s Blogmas post, I thought I would share with you my experience with the Bobbi Brown Face mask trio.☀


I love Bobbi Brown as a brand and like most of the products I have tried out from her range. So this year she bought out 3 masks to add to her skincare line. One called Instant Detox, Skin Nourish and Radiance Boost.☀

I ordered the trio of masks which costs £10. Inside the box you receive 3 7 ml sample mask. I must when I opened my delivery, they were  a lot smaller than I imagined them to be. I ordered this kit as I thought is was the best way to try out all the masks to decide on my favourite and if I loved them that much which one I would buy a full size of.☀


Just to give you a bit of background on  my skin, I have dry, eczema prone very sensitive skin. I have tried some of Bobbi Brown’s products before and knew they agreed with my skin. So I took the plunge of buying the trio of masks.☀

The first mask I tried, was the Instant Detox mask. It is a black, mud mask and is dry in texture. It was very easy to apply. It dried very quickly. On the packaging they recommend you leave it on your skin for between 2 to 5 minutes. Then rinse. I followed the instructions. When I had the mask on m face started to feel tight ( not in a bad way) just that is was tightening and I could recognise the mask was actually doing something. So my overall thoughts on this mask after my first use, where it was good and left my face feeling clean and tight, but I was not sure if it removed and cleared out my pores.☀

The next mask I tried was the Skin Nourish mask. It is a pink jelly texture and is very soothing on the skin. It isn’t too heavy but feels lovely and moisturised. After rising the remainder off of my skin it felt plump and moisturised.☀

Finally I tried the Radiance Boost mask which surprised me. It is a white cream and contains brown beads. It is very exfoliating but not too rough that it hurts your skin but rough enough to remove a layer of skin to relieve a soft, radiant looking face. ☀

I love all of the masks for different reasons but because i already own the Bobbi Brown Face Buffing grains, if I had to choose one full size to buy it would be the instant detox.☀

Let me know if you have tried any of the new Bobbi Brown mask and let me know your thoughts. Also let me know what your favourite face masks are and let me know your skin types.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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