☆ Chloe’s Holiday ☆



For Chloe ‘s (my sisters) birthday,her boyfriend took her to the Northern lights for 3 days. We dropped them off at the airport early in the morning as they had an afternoon flight. They went to Reykjavik, Iceland.☀

The flight was about 2 hours, and when they landed they had to travel by coach to their hotel. She said the room was small and basic, but thats because they were trying to fit as many rooms as possible in the hotel.☀

On their first night they didn’t get to see the lights, on the second nights due to weather conditions and on their third and final night they saw the lights. They went on a tour at around 8pm and waited around until 1am to see the lights. ☀

Chloe got some pictures of the lights but say they don’t do them any justice. She loved the short break and really recommends it to any who is interested in going. She loved it that much she says she would love to go again and do some of the excursions they offer.☀

Chloe and her boyfriend did go to The Blue Lagoon Spa, while away. She describes it as a huge hot-tub, with water so clear. She said the water was 38 degrees and so relaxing. She even had a face-mask while in the spa.☀


Let me know if you have been to see the Northern Lights and how your experience was, or if you are now going to put it on your bucket list. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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