☆ My New Room Makeover ☆



I know people struggle with change, I know I do and sometimes it’s not my favourite thing. But I have had my room blue for about 2 years and recently when looking in DIY stores such as B and Q I found some amazing wallpaper samples for my scrapbook. There was this one design by B and Q which was grey (my favourite colour) and it had feathers on with some accents of glitter. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and so I took the plunge and bought it for my room.☀


I have never been one to commit to much such as my room as I find my favourite colour changes as I grow older. But Grey has been my favourite colour for a while- My handbag, my car, my cats. So I decided instead of having a one accent paint wall I would have this beautiful grey wallpaper.☀

I have had my wall yellow and blue, so to paper over it we had to paint it white. Then a family friend came over and wallpapered my room.☀


When my wallpaper was done all that needed changing was my bedding. For that I choose Next. I got exactly the same as my sisters bedding except I got a deep fitted sheet.☀

I absloutley love my room and it really represents my style now. I must admit the first few days I woke up in my room I was scared as I couldn’t quite workout what was above me. But it was just my eyes catching a glance at the wallpaper. Now I am used to it and it has settled in. I love it.☀

Let me know if you have changed your room recently and if you have got any inspiration from mine. ☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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