☆ My Hair Care Routine ☆


Since getting my ombre back, I have tried to say on top of the game to stop fading and brassiness coming through. I wash my hair every other day or if I can I try to leave two days between washing my hair. It depends what I have going on, like important events or if I have had a really intense workout.☀

For about two years now, I have always done two shampoos, the first one is to break down and remove any product and the second shampoo is to cleanse the hair. For my second shampoo since getting my hair done in October I use a purple shampoo. A purple shampoo helps to counteract warmth. So since I like my hair blonde and a cooler blonde. I use this shampoo and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes. It varies how long I leave it on for depending what I do in the shower, if I have to scrub, shave. After leaving the shampoo on for a certain amount of time, I then rinse it out. ☀

Image result for provoke purple shampoo

I use the provoke silver shampoo, it does stain clothes and towels so be careful. It also smells like palma violets, and reminds me of a smell of a grandma. But I feel the products works amazing at keeping my ombre a nice and cool blonde which i love. So if can get over the smell it is a wonderful product.☀

I never use conditioner any more, I always use a mask. This is to help to protect and maintain the condition of my hair. I have lots of mini Kerastase mask, so mix it up all the time. I always towel dry my hair before applying the mask so it can really sink in to the cuticle. Sometimes I leave the mask on for a few minutes and other times. I towel dry my hair and leave the mask in for a few days.☀


I then always apply heat protectant in my hair, brush it with my wet brush and let it naturally dry or dry it with  my hairdryer.☀

I usually tie it up in a ponytail to keep it out my face or I will curl it with my diva wand.☀

Tips I would recommend is to change up your shampoo every so often, as your hair can get used to a product and then you feel like its not working. Towel dry your hair before applying a conditioner or mask. Brush your hair carefully to avoid breakage.☀


Let me know what are your favourite hair products .☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀


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