☆ My New Years Resolutions ☆


So since we are in a New year, I though I would share my hopes for the new year and my resolutions. I know sometimes it is tricky to set resolutions and stick to them. But from experience I find them helpful to show how much I have grown and what I have achieved.☀

So this year My hopes are to have a good year, and I am planning to do some charity work and support some organisations I am proud of.☀

For resolutions I have a few that I am continuing from the end part of last year and some new ones.☀

Exercise- to continue exercising regularly to become a fitter, healthier me. ☀


Eating Healthier- Still enjoy foods,  but try new foods and always enjoy a treat once in a while.☀


Being more considerate to others- whether its sending them a text, email or a card in the post, to brighten their day and act like a ray of sunshine. We all have bad days but try and make it as  good as it can be, by thinking of others and help make their day amazing. I do this a bit anyway but it will be my goal to do it more.☀


Enjoy Life- We all have our struggles, but last year I missed out on a lot life by letting life get too much for me. This year I want to enjoy it by ticking things off my bucket list and saying YES! to more things.☀


Let me know if you have set any new years resolutions and what they are.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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