☆ Making Sentimental Jars ☆


My mum is very creative and likes to make cute, unique gifts for my sister and I. She made us these little personalised jars which I now keep out on display on my mirror.☀

The jars are from Paperchase, and my mum fills these with little things unique to us. She usually buys the little things from Hobbycraft or will get them off the internet.☀

The first jars on the left are my second set of jars from my mum. She filled them with things that remind her of me. The first jar is filled with silver star sequins and the second are filled with white and blue pearly hearts. I decided on what quotes to have written on the tags. So on the first jar the quote is Stars can’t shine without darkness and on the second jar the quote says A dream is a wish the heart makes – Walt Disney.☀

I am a big lover of all things Disney so thought the quote was appropriate and Stars cant shine without darkness is one of my favourite quotes and it helps me to get through tough times.☀

The picture on the right are the set of jars my mum gave to me first. Both jars contain sequins, the first jar is filled with red hearts and the second jar with stars and crescent moons. On the tags it says Love you to the moon, stars and back again. This is a quote my mum always says and writes in my cards.☀

Let me know if you have made any sentimental accessories.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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