☆ Scrapbooking ☆


Recently I have found I have a bit of spare time on my hands and I want to use it correctly. I have wanted to be creative so I started scrapbooking.☀

It is an expensive, but a lovely way of making a book full of keepsake memories. I just let my mind run away with itself. Some days I do everything by hand like drawing and writing. Others days I use the computer for input with pictures, words and images. ☀

My scrapbook is a black plain book from paperchase and I have customised it.☀


For texture and different background I went to DIY stores like B&Q to collect some wallpaper sample. ☀

For stickers I went to Hobbycraft and paperchase and collected silver stars, 3d stars, glittery stars, pink hearts, 3d hearts, 3d stars, alphabet stickers.☀

For cellophane I picked up a set of 3 from Hobbycraft.☀

For silver and gold pens I picked them up from Paperchase. ☀

For the fabric flowers, silver patterned tape I picked them up at pound-land.☀

For the postcards I picked them up at Paperchase.☀

I find scrapbooking very creative and it allows me to have some time out, and create memories in a book that I can keep forever.☀

Let me know if I have given you any inspiration to start scrapbooking.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀


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