☆ My Workout Routine ☆


Since I have become really interested in fitness. I thought I would share my workout routine with you.I am not a personal trainer I just enjoy working out and it inspires me daily to become a better person. ☀

I train at home, as I don’t think I am committed to paying a Gym membership as life can become too much sometimes and I don’t want to waste my money. At home we already own a cross trainer so my workouts usually are based around this.☀

Each day I change the level on the cross trainer, when I first started out I worked out on level one and moved straight onto level 6. At the minute I am liking changing it up so I will workout on level 6 or change it so the level decreases and increases during my workout.☀

I usually start out by doing an hour on the cross trainer, I break every-time I reach 100 calories to catch my breath and have a drink. So in an hour I usually burn 600 calories. Some days I can burn 600 calories other days its only 100 or 200 calories. So on days when i can’t do loads i do other exercises as well.☀

Then I move on to doing squat jumps. Well thats how I describe them i stand with my legs apart and my bum pushed out and jump up and down for around 20 jumps. After these I do star jumps usually around 20.☀

I have also on days when i feel too tired to go on the cross trainer go for a brisk walk up and down my road.☀

Finally I am trying to plank and improve my upper body and core strength. So each day I am trying to increase my planks. I usually try this a few times a day and am gradually building up to a longer plank. Also to improve my strength have begun to do push ups, which i quite enjoy.☀

I then end my workout and go for a shower. I usually do this at least 5 times a week if not 6. This is because I like to challenge myself and I want to see results. The main aim is to loose weight, but I aspire to become a fitter, healthier version of me.☀

I also am more conscience of what i eat, so I try to eat healthier and usually have one treat a day. I also enjoy drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day, drink at least one green tea and have a fruit salad most days.☀

Let me know if you workout and what your favourite routine to do at home is.☀

Thank you for reading  ❀❀❀

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